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Mini Microscope for iPhone

Extreme close-up!

Mini Microscope for iPhone

Extreme close-up!

Sorry, this product is not available.

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Scanning a leaf close up

Do some close up science!

We’ve come over all scientifical with the Mini Microscope for iPhone. Armed with a 60x zoom, this pocket-sized wonder will turn your humdrum iPhone 4 camera into an instrument worthy of any laboratory.

The Mini Microscope comes complete with three LEDs to illuminate your close-ups (or startle your subjects into a corner). Incredibly, one of the LEDs will even reliably verify watermarks as well. From amateur biologist to super-sleuth in one afternoon? Just call us Peter Parker.

Carry pouch and iPhone attachment

Carry pouch and iPhone attachment

Of course, what you choose to zoom into is entirely up to you. Discover new life forms in your garden, marvel at the complexity of a leaf, or push it up your nose and take a picture. If this magnificent magnifier is involved, it’s science.

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Please Note:
  • To get a full screen visual as shown in our images, just zoom in digitally using the iPhone camera software
  • Compact 60x Microscope with 3 LED (2x white LED and 1x note detector LED)
  • Pocket-sized for portability
  • Compatible with iPhone 4 only
  • Measures approximately 3.7cm(D) x 4.1cm(H) x 1.7cm(W)
Battery requirements:
  • 3x LR1130 (included)

Customer Reviews

Does this work for iPhone 5?
Lucy, Herts - 10th December 2012
Firebox says: Hi Lucy, afraid this is compatible with the iPhone 4 only.
Great product. I found a dead fly in my house and I put it under the microscope. Awesome! Then I put the fly on a spiders web and the spider wrapped it up. I think the spider may have been hungry as it decided to take the wrapped fly into its web house.
Lee Moore, Manchester, UK - 15th August 2012
Will this work on the iPhone 4S?
Luke, Worcestershire - 31st March 2012
Firebox says: It certainly will!
Is this compatible with the iPod touch 4, or is there an iPod version?
Luke, Salisbury - 31st August 2011
Firebox says: Only available for the iPhone 4 at the moment Luke, sorry.

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