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Immortal Video Glasses

What you see is what you shoot

Immortal Video Glasses

What you see is what you shoot

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Wearing the Immortal Video Glasses

Record your alpine adventure without a camcorder!

Shield your eyes and share your amazing adventures with the Immortal Video Glasses. Armed with a built-in widescreen VGA video camera, these incredible specs can shoot and store up to 3 hours of video-quality footage, leaving your hands free for holding handlebars, climbing mountains or just waving at fans.

Buttons and USB port on the Immortal Video Glasses

1) Power, 2) Record,
3) USB port, 4) Microphone

The simple 2 button controls make these easier to use than most hand-held cameras and at 51g, aren’t much heavier than standard sunnies. Each pair comes with three sets of interchangeable lenses (polarised flame orange, polarised dark grey, and clear) for maximum visibility in all light conditions and a protective metal carry case. Well... we’ve all sat on our sunglasses before.


1) USB cable, 2) USB mains plug, 3) Case, 4) Car charger, 5) Immortal Video Glasses, 6) Nose bridge,
7) polarised black lenses, 8) Nose bridge spacers, 9) Clear lenses, 10) Cleaning cloth, 11) Pouch

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Product features:
  • Sunglasses with built in widescreen video camera
  • Simple 2 button controls
  • Included interchangeable lenses
  • Smart presentation box
  • Ideal for cyclists, snowboarders, sailing and much more
  • Immortal Video Glasses
  • Car charger
  • USB cable
  • USB mains plug
  • 3 Interchangeable lenses: Flame orange, polarised black and clear
  • Nose bridge and spacers
  • User guide
  • Internal memory: 4GB (3 hours of footage)
  • Video resolution 736x480 pixels (widescreen VGA)
  • 3 Mega Pixels lens
  • Records at 25 frames per second
  • Produces AVI file type
  • Internal microphone
  • Built in 500mAh battery (2.5 hours of running time)
  • Voltage 5V DC
  • Please note: Immortal Video Eye Gear is not waterproof if submerged... but they are splashproof.
System Requirements:
  • A computer with a 1.6GHz processor or above
  • Operating system: Win 98/Me/2000/XP/Vista. Mac OSX 10.3.6 or higher
  • USB port
  • Minimum 1GB free hard disk space
  • Minimum of 512MB memory

Customer Reviews

Can you watch films with them.
Joshua Maguire - 12th July 2012
Firebox says: Hey Joshua, no, these are designed to record footage and take pictures only, sorry about that.
I own a pair of these and they are superb bit of kit. Ideal for a stroll down the beach. Also use while driving boat and towing wife watersking no need to take hands off wheel. Well worth the money.
Richard Blyth - 4th July 2012
I wouldn't be without mine. I used to have a go pro but it's just much bulkier and more difficult to use inconspicuously. I use my immortals for BMX mostly and I find that the film quality is much steadier than with other recorders I've used because your head seems to steady the footage quite well. They fit under my helmet fine so I'm not sure about Jay C's comment... anyway I can recommend these and if you're ever around Gloucester I'd be happy to give you a demo of mine. Cheers.
Luke B - 10th January 2012
I bought these earlier in the year but have used them very little! They work fine when out walking and when driving but unfortunately the area I most wanted to use these in, when I'm out on the motorcycle, they simply cannot be used. They are just too bulky to fit under a helmet. I'm sure I'll find a use for them, albeit on very rare occasions and so I have decided to buy a Gopro as it does everything I ask of it. Ok, the Gopro isn't discreet but for functionality/quality/price/back up etc it's a tough act to follow, let alone beat!
Jay C - 10th December 2011
These glasses are amazing - are superior to the head cam I bought (around the same price) and coupled with the outstanding customer service, if you need a user friendly action cam for an affordable price you'd be silly not to buy these!
Alex - 20th August 2011
If I write a 5 (A4) page essay on the benefits of owning a pair of these, do I get some for free?
Felix Obholzer - 14th May 2011
Firebox says: Depends how good the essay is... (actually, it would probably still be no, sorry Felix).