Angry Birds Mini Plush with Sound

You would like me when I’m angry

Angry Birds Mini Plush with Sound

You would like me when I’m angry

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Forget all that boring communication business, the sophisticated timewaster’s favourite app involves catapulting comedy birds at egg-snaffling piggies. Indeed with over 50 million downloads across all platforms, Angry Birds is something of a smartphone phenomenon.

But why merely play Angry Birds when you can snuggle up to a real one. It’s easy thanks to these cute plush toys.

Ah, birdsong. Not! Because these moody little blighters chirp, squark and even oink (yes, there’s a pig in there too) every time you squeeze ‘em. Infuriatingly brilliant.

With an Angry Bird Plush by your side, you’re guaranteed to receive nods of appreciation from iPhoners and app-addicts wherever you may roam. Not that you’ll see them, you’ll be too busy playing the game. Look out, evil piggie, 10 o’clock!

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Product Features:
  • 4" plush with sound when you squeeze them!
  • 6 different ones to collect – Piggy, White, Black, Yellow, Blue and Red Angry Bird
  • Suitable from 12mths - 16yrs

Customer Reviews

It won't let me choose the colour of which one I want??
Joe - 6th January 2013
Firebox says: Hey Joe, I'm afraid we are only stocking the Yellow Angry Bird Mini Plush now, and once they're gone we wont be getting any more in. Sorry about that!
If you buy this, you are a massive c&%t....
James Walters - 9th December 2012
I am looking for Piggy & Black for my grandson. Can you get them before Christmas.
Marzee - 23rd November 2012
Firebox says: Hello there, sorry to report that we don't currently know when we'll be getting the black bird in stock! Sadly, it won't be in time for Christmas.
How many inches is the black bird?
Lloyd - 6th January 2012
Firebox says: Hi Lloyd, they are are all 4".
What happened to the offer of 3 for £14. 99?? Wanted to get the collection but far too expensive buying them separately.
Savannah Smith - 1st November 2011
Firebox says: Hi Savannah! New bundles will be available soon. The current ones have been temporarily removed due to stock levels of some birds in the run up to Christmas. However we are putting together new combinations, so keep your eyes peeled on the site and the bundled birds will be back within the very near future.
Any plans to bring out a toy of the very cute boomerang bird? We need this to complete the collection!
Michelle - 21st June 2011