Angry Birds 8" Plush Toys

Birds of play

Angry Birds 8" Plush Toys

Birds of play

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Forget all that boring communication business, the sophisticated timewaster’s favourite app involves catapulting comedy birds at egg-snaffling piggies. Indeed with over 50 million downloads across all platforms, Angry Birds is something of a smartphone phenomenon.
Piggy Yellow Blue Red





But why merely play Angry Birds when you can snuggle up to a real one. It’s easy thanks to these cute plush toys.

If you like your birds big and angry (but don’t mind the odd pig) look no further because these snugglesome cuddlies are 8” high!

With an Angry Bird Plush by your side, you’re guaranteed to receive nods of appreciation from iPhoners and app-addicts wherever you may roam. Not that you’ll see them, you’ll be too busy playing the game. Look out, evil piggie, 10 o’clock!

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  • Suitable from 3yrs - 16yrs

  • Product Features:
    • 8" plush toy
    • 4 different ones to collect – Piggy, Yellow, Blue and Red Angry Bird

    Customer Reviews

    What kind of filling is inside these? (eg beans or fluff).
    Olivia - 14th December 2012
    Firebox says: The bird contains stuffing fluff Olivia!
    Hey when will you have the red angry birds in stock really want a couple.
    Waqas Riaz - 8th July 2012
    Firebox says: Hopefully soon! Keep your eyes peeled.
    Hi Guys, - I'd like to second Jordy's request - I am a big fan of all of the Birds, but Blackbird is definately my favorite! Please let me know when you get him in stock! (Fingers crossed).
    Andy - 3rd October 2011
    Firebox says: Hi Andy, we would love to be able to sell the black bird but there currently seem to be no suppliers in the UK. We're doing everything we can to get it over here though, so keep your eyes peeled!
    Ordered a Red Bird and a Green Piggy for my Girlfriends anniversary and intend to complete the set for her birthday. I won her a Black Bird on a claw machine and was just wondering (since you guys sell in GBP and are cheaper!) when you will be getting the White, Black, Red, Green (Boomerang), Moustache Piggy, King Piggy and Helmet Piggy as they are available on the angry bird official website. Would be nice to buy from a reliable and UK based company as you guys don't charge shipping! :) Would love this as I can complete the set for her! Please and thank you, a very happy customer!
    Jordy - 4th September 2011
    Firebox says: We'll ask our Buying Team to look into it Jordy, so keep your eyes peeled!
    You should do this as a pair, one of these and the water bomb launcher to fire these amazing things! Reply for your ideas please :) Thanks.
    Joshhhh - 2nd September 2011
    Had the red and yellow bought for me as presents!! Fantastic gifts for any lover of the game!! Shame there isn't the White or black ones, otherwise could have a full set!!
    Ben Smith - 22nd July 2011
    Firebox says: They're currently out of stock Ben, but we hope to get some in soon.