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Ninjabread Men

Everybody was kung fu biting

Ninjabread Men

Everybody was kung fu biting

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Ninjabread Men

3 different warriors!

What came first, the product or the pun? We’re not entirely sure but Ninjabread Men have just hi-yaa’d their way into Firebox HQ and they’re set to cause a right rumpus in the kitchen. Oof!

Fashioned from the same stainless steel used to forge ancient swords and deadly throwing stars (probably), Ninjabread Men make ideal gifts for domestic assassins bored of cutesy biscuit shapes. Simply press ‘em into your gingerbread mix with a ninja-esque flourish. You could even bake them in the dark wearing your mum’s black tights and a balaclava. If you’re bonkers.

Press cutters into the mix Place them onto a baking tray Add some ninja extras

Press cutters into the mix...

Place them onto a baking tray...

Ice some ninja bandanas!



With three different warriors in each colourful gift box, Ninjabread Men are set to kick the gummi buttons off boring old gingerbread men and reignite your love for baking and ancient Japanese assassins. You have done well, young apprentice. Now eat your biscuits and go.

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Please note:
  • Before first and after every use wash by hand in warm soapy water. Rinse through and dry thoroughly
  • 3x Ninja shaped stainless steel cookie cutters
  • Each Ninja cookie cutter measures approximately 10cm(H) x 8cm(W) x 1.4cm(D)

Customer Reviews

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Bought these to surprise my 10 year old when he passed his Karate black belt - they went down a storm! His instructors loved them too. There's something quite sweet about big scary men chuckling over biscuits :).
Liz, - 15th November 2012
Firebox says: That's awesome Liz! Glad they liked them as we wouldn't want angry Karate black-belt instructors on our case!!
I love these so much I made an army of 20 ninjas on my first try. Even better once they are decorated!
Amy, Bracknell, Berkshire - 6th May 2012
My hubby was making a fool out of himself, pretending to be a ninja. When a 31yr old man is prancing around in the living room making "cha! ch-cha! hiiiiii-ya!" noises, you know it's going to end in tears. He tripped over his own ninja feet and hurt his shoulder. It was hilarious for me, so I bought these to remind him of his 'Ninjury' - a brilliant buy, brilliant fun to decorate and tasty! What more do you need from a ninja bread man!!
Tracey, Bristol - 24th May 2011
I bought these to surprise my husband with on our Saturday kung-fu night. The recipe is really easy to follow and make loads and loads. Love them!
Stephanie, Surrey - 7th May 2011
These are brilliant I love ninjas so when I saw these I just had to buy them and I'm not disappointed, it even comes with a recipe for gingerbread on the back and I was able to make tons of ninjas. These are well worth the money and a brilliant idea if u are trying to find something creative for kids. With the recipe on the back I was able to make over 20 of the ninjas (i lost count after 22 lol) but u will be surprised how fast they go 'cause they are VERY addictive ^_^.
Beth, Westmidlands - 20th April 2011
Fantastic. My son just got his red belt at Martial Arts and now all the ninjas are made with red belts. Loads more fun then the original static boring Man shape.
Leah, York - 13th April 2011

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