Beautiful 9.7" Paper Display


Beautiful 9.7" Paper Display

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  •  Don't want to fork out £££'s for an iPad? No problem
  •  Can be used in all orientations, compatible with most pens/pencls
  •  60-page notepad with acetate front sheet and hardboard back


Why let the trifling matter of a few hundred quid prevent you from owning the latest tablet computer? Especially when you can buy this papery replica for a smidgen of the price? iSay!

Yes, iFans, the deeply ironic NotPad is brought to you by those mischievous Apple cart kickers at the Nice Pear™ Corporation. As CEO Hans Jobs explains: ‘The NotPad is a groundbreaking 60-page notepad with an acetate front sheet and hardboard back.

‘Its 9.7” paper display features three page styles: vertical lined, horizontal lined and blank. This means the NotPad can be used in all orientations and is compatible with most hardware, including pens, pencils and crayons.’

Okay, okay, we know this is just a pad of paper disguised as an iPad but it’s one in the eye for iBores who can’t stop prattling on about their wonder gizmo. Start doodling on this baby during a meeting and we guarantee the boss will applaud your subversive sense of humour before giving you a raise. Assuming he’s not Steve Jobs.

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Please note:
  • Pens are not included!
  • Looks exactly like an iPad!
  • Acetate front sheet and hardboard back
  • 60 pages
  • 3 different page styles: vertical lined, horizontal lined and plain
  • Measures approximately 24.5cm(L) x 19cm(W) x 1cm(D)

Customer Reviews

Got This for my 11 year old sister. She's been wanting an ipad for quite a while. So I've gotten my hands on an ipad box and packaging from a friend and I'm putting this notpad into all of the packaging and giving it her for christmas. Hopefully she won't get too dissapointed when she finds out what it actually is :D!
Niall Ditchfield - 3rd December 2012
An amazing product that will not disappoint you! Looks very real as well as classy, you can do everything you can on any other piece of paper; but now you can fool your friends at work or school and all the while show off your new NotPad to the world + it's very good quality paper!
Jake Blayney - 29th November 2012
Got this as a quirky present for my friends birthday and she absolutely loved it! It's a great funny gift to give someone; a tad overpriced but it's definetly a good present for someone who's spoilt ;D.
Zoe - 1st May 2012
Got this for my 12 year old daughter for her birthday. She loves writing and would love an iPad, however I feel she is still too young to spend that much money. This was perfect. She found it very funny and couldn’t wait to show her friends at school. Will be buying again for friends.
Rebecc - 12th April 2011
Bought this for my mum who has wanted an iPad for ages and as they're so expensive this was this was the closest I could get. She loves it and I loved the spoof advert another great quirky idea from firebox!!!
Lily G - 18th March 2011
Finally, I have found my little brothers Christmas present. If only this came in a mock ipad box then it would be perfect. Ultimate disappointment/actually pretty cool gift.
Bradley - 3rd December 2010