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EST. 1998
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Arcade Alarm Clock

Game (and snooze) over!

Arcade Alarm Clock

Game (and snooze) over!

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Arcade Alarm Clock

waka-waka-wake up!

Back in the 20th century we used to go to bed dreaming of blip-blopping aliens then wake up buzzing at the thought of hanging out down the arcade. Sadly we’ve all got jobs now (well, sort of) and the arcade as we knew it is no more.

But high tech consoles and the death of a genre are not enough to quell our joystick-twiddling cravings. That’s why we now wake up to a cacophony of reassuringly familiar gaming sounds courtesy of the Arcade Alarm Clock.

Standing 15cm tall, this LCD alarm clock looks just like a retro arcade cabinet, complete with colourful invaders-style artwork. The only things missing are the fag burns and puerile graffiti.

Arcade Alarm Clock

Joystick controls and snooze button

Just use the joysticks to program the alarm and rest your geeky head, safe in the knowledge you’ll be shaken out of boboland by a barrage of jingly jangly beeps. Game (and snooze) over!

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Please Note:
  • WARNING: Choking hazard. Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts
  • Snooze and backlight button
  • Includes arcade sound effects
  • Measures approximately 15cm(H) x 8.5cm(W) x 8.5cm(D)
Battery requirements:
  • 2x AAA batteries – not included

Customer Reviews

How many different alarm sounds does this have?
Dave, Preston - 14th December 2011
Firebox says: Hi Dave, this just has one alarm sound - it's like a retro arcade tune with shoot 'em-up sound effects, so it's very exhilirating! Perfect for getting you up in the morning!
I bought this item for a friend for his birthday and he absolutely loved it. It is an excellent little silly gift for the price and I have absolutely no complaints :).
Charlotte, Stoke-On-Trent - 24th October 2011
Firebox says: That is great news Charlotte!