Screwpop Keychain Tool

4-in-1 tool in your pocket

Screwpop Keychain Tool

4-in-1 tool in your pocket

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We encounter plenty of tools when we’re out drinking, but none are particularly helpful. Thankfully that’s about to change because the 4-in-1 Screwpop Keychain Tool is here to deliver beer drinkers from sealed bottle purgatory and much more besides.

Small but stupendously handy, this tough, keyring friendly bottle opener is destined to elevate you to unparalleled levels of popularity, because as well as popping brews it can help you perform random acts of DIY.

Screwpop Keychain Tool

It can tighten and loosen all these types of screws and bolts: Flathead #2, Phillips #2 and ¼” Hex Nut

Featuring a magnetically clasped flat-blade/Phillips head screwdriver as well as a ¼” hex nut spanner, the Screwpop is ideal for fixing dodgy furniture at parties where bottle openers are in high demand. Stick this baby on your keyring and you’ll be the MacGyver of any soiree, opening beers, loosening nuts and tightening screws to gasps of amazement. What a tool!

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Please Note:
  • 1x Phillips Screwdriver #2 head
  • 1x Flathead Screwdriver #2 head
  • 1x 1/4” Hexagonal Nut Driver
  • 1x Bottle Pop-Top Opener
  • Only weighs 28.3g
Product Features:
  • Handy Keychain Tool
  • Easily fits on any size keyring
  • Disassemble while you drink!
  • Measures approximately 7.6cm(L) x 3.5cm(W) x 1.1cm(D)

Customer Reviews

Good product. But make sure you don't loose the the interchangeable heads.
Aled Parry - 11th December 2012
Brilliant little device, really useful when at work and notice something needs tightening up. Never had a problem with the piece falling out (had it 2 months now) which is surprising as its easy to get out. Only comment I would make is that it could use a clip to take off keyrings when using it so the keys/other keyrings dont get in the way, although I did nick one of another keyring heh, great buy overall though :).
Mark - 23rd February 2011
Hi, this is a great tool perfect for unscrewing cpu's etc when you're not expecting to require a screwdriver. The handle is great as it gives you more leverage than a standard screwdriver so its actually easier to unscrew things like plugs cpu's. I have one of these and want to buy some for all the staff on our books at an IT recruitment consultancy, we can give them to all of our contractors as a Christmas present, could we get a discount if we purchased 20 units?
Max Maddox - 27th November 2010
Firebox says: Glad that you've found it useful Max, sounds like the product was made for you! If you want to make a mass order then e-mail and we will see what we can do for you.
A corkscrew would have been great on this!
- 24th November 2010
Firebox says: Look no further than the Twistick keyring!
It looks a good product, but isn't there a big risk the bit will fall out?
Martin - 24th November 2010
Firebox says: The bit is magnetically attached so it should stay on pretty well.