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Hexbug Nano

Bugs of the future

Hexbug Nano

Bugs of the future

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Hexbug Nano

Skuttle skuttle...

Unless you fancy humiliating yourself on I’m a Celeb* it’s not that easy finding compliant bugs to play with. More to the point, real bugs are ‘orrible. So wouldn’t it be cool, not to mention bizarre, if some geeky loon introduced a range of battery-operated robotic creepy crawlies for your viewing pleasure? They have, and they’re called Nano Hexbugs.

Fixing the habitat set Underneath the Hexbug nano Hexbug skuttling

Fix together the habitat

Switch on the Hexbug

Watch them scuttle in this video

Impossibly titchy, these autonomous microbots scuttle across floors and desks in a hypnotically random fashion, just like real bugs. Simply turn ‘em on and watch in rapt fascination. They even flip over and change direction when they hit obstacles. Clever, eh!


The Habitat all set up

There are five different coloured specimens to collect, and you can even buy the luxe Habitat Set, a maze of interconnecting runs, corridors and cells in which to infuriate the two included bugs. Of course for the full Hexbug experience you’ll need to buy a proper infestation of the little blighters, so get ordering before they scurry out of stock. Eek! What’s that on your arm?

*We realise you’re probably not a celeb but that didn’t stop Aggro Santos.

more info

Please note:
  • Recommended for Children 3+ Years
Habitat Set includes:
  • 4x easy connect curved pieces
  • 3x easy connect straight pieces
  • 3x easy connect hexagon pieces
  • 2x Hexbug Nano specimens
  • Hexbug Nano measures approximately 4.5cm(L) x 1.6cm(D) x 1.8cm(W)
Battery requirements:
  • 2x AG13 – Included

Customer Reviews

Bryony Shaw, Ely, Cambs - 2nd January 2011
They do look cool, but it does seem a bit expensive for something (IMHO) that will only get used once on Christmas day. But saying that, this is the cheapest I have seen them.
Bradley, Nottingham - 26th November 2010
Firebox says: I'm sure adults and children will get a lot of fun times out of this product not just on Christmas day. I mean who wouldn't want to play with bugs that aren't real, it seems like the perfect idea.