Ultrasone Zebrano Edition 10 Headphones

The sound of sheer luxury

Ultrasone Zebrano Edition 10 Headphones

The sound of sheer luxury

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Zebrano Ultrasone Edition 10 Headphones

Zebrano Wood Stand

If you’ve got money coming out of your ears, you might as well make sure the headphones you plonk over them are of the utmost quality. Besides, you work hard (we hope) so your lugholes deserve to be pampered. Enter, on a gold-plated platter held aloft by buff eunuchs, Ultrasone’s Zebrano Edition 10 Headphones.

Ludicrously luxe, these limited edition open back headphones have been created with the obsessive, not to mention flush, audiophile in mind. And boy, do they deliver. Featuring lacquered ear cup inlays hand-crafted in Zebrano wood, Ethiopian leather ear pads, titanium-plated drivers and Kevlar-coated cables, these are, without doubt, the most lavishly appointed ‘phones on the planet.

Zebrano Ultrasone Edition 10 Headphones

Zebrano Wood Case


But what do they sound like, we hear you (via your butler) ask? In a word: phenomenal. The titanium-plated 40mm drivers have been specially tuned for open back headphones and feature a powerful magnet for enhanced sound pressure levels. Throw in S-Logic™ Plus technology to give supreme spacious tonal perception (it says here) and you’re looking at the most incredible sounding headphones on the market. Even Sinitta’s greatest hit will sound like sonic ambrosia through these babies.

With all this high-end tech you could be forgiven for thinking Zebranos weigh a ton, but no, they are extremely light and staggeringly comfortable, even after hours of use, making them ideal for listening to your favourite choons (do oligarchs say ‘choons’?) in any scenario. Just make sure you don’t wear ‘em on the night bus.

Although only 2,010 individually numbered Edition 10 headphones will be produced, Ultrasone have decided to complement their air of exclusivity by throwing in a handcrafted Zebrano wood stand and a wooden box for safe storage/transportation. These guys really have thought of everything. In fact the only thing they can’t do is influence your taste in music. Then again listening to Chas ‘n’ Dave on headphones like this has got to be the ultimate in decadence.

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Please note:
    This product is custom ordered, therefore delivery time can be slightly longer then a normal Firebox product. We expect it to be delivered within 7 working days, subject to our Zebrano's stock holding. Please phone or email us if in any doubt
  • Open-back deluxe headphones
  • Reduced emissions using the ULE standard (Ultra Low Emission)
  • S-Logic Plus technology
About S-Logic Plus:
  • Unique? Yes! Revolutionary? Definitely! The patented S-Logic™ technology is described as Natural Surround Sound System. No other digital surround system can compare with this standard. As the sound of normal headphones will sound direct and even on both sides, the S-Logic™ system pushes the sound around your head! It appears as though you are listening to speakers meters away. Even at very low levels, this spacious sound allows you to hear and listen to each and every individual sound. And on top of that, the S-Logic™ technology does not require additional equipment!
Technical Specification:
  • S-Logic™ Plus technology
  • Dynamic principle, open
  • Frequency range: 5 - 45000 Hz
  • Impedance 32 Ohm
  • Sound pressure level 99 dB
  • MU Metal bufferboard
  • Reduced field emissions in accordance with ULE standard
  • 40 mm titanium-plated driver
  • Magnet NdFeB
  • Weight 282g (excl. cord)
  • Cord length: 3m
  • Aramid fiber enhanced
  • Silver plated high-flex cable
  • (OFC 99.99 % pure copper)
  • 6.3 mm gold plated plug

Customer Reviews

I had bought one for my sons 11th birthday, as he is very into music I thought why not the best for the best? When he opened the box he was surprised by how much detail was put into making these **** headphones. Not worth buying as the quality of the sound is distorted and actual headphones are made out of plastic or really cheap metal as it most certainly was not titanium, absolute rip off! More importantly the Firefox team did not reply to my emails.
Sebastian - 28th March 2011
Firebox says: Sorry to hear that Sebastien, one quick note - the titanium mentioned is for the drivers, not the exterior and there's definitely no plastic involved. I am having trouble finding you order, so perhaps if you could drop us an email via or even just give us a call, we can get this sorted for you.
Will they plug into my HMV Gramaphone.
Chris - 1st March 2011
Firebox says: If your HMV Gramaphone has a headphones output, you're all set.
Wow!!! That's OVER price for a pair of head phones. Firebox, are you sure you haven't added 4 9s to many!?
Jade Scutter - 23rd December 2010
Firebox says: Most headphones aren't made out of Zebrano Wood, Ethiopian Leather, Titanium and Kevlar as well as containing S-Logic technology...Luxury price for a luxury item!
Any chance of a discount if I bat my eyelids and ask really, really nicely? :).
Rhiannon - 10th December 2010
Firebox says: Nice try Rhiannon but we're made of sterner stuff here....oh go on then...
What about soundproofing, or whatever it's called? If I have these beauties on, will I be able to hear my tunes, or will I hear the shouting idiots along the bus?
D. Skye - 30th November 2010
Firebox says: S-Logic means all you will be hearing is your own tunes blasting around your head, so should keep shouting idiots to a minimum (depending on your music taste).
Have you got any ex-demo sets of these... I'll settle for a well worn pair that are marked down to say...About twenty quid....There you go...Sold to the bloke in the mud hut.
Dave Brown - 25th November 2010