Midland SubZero Headphones

Now hear this and stay warm

Midland SubZero Headphones

Now hear this and stay warm

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Brrr…it’s freezing outside. What you need to do is pipe some high quality music down your lugholes. ‘But that won’t keep me warm!’ we hear you mumble through chattering teeth. It will if you’re listening via Midland SubZero Headphones.

As you can see, these cool but cosy cans double up as stylish earmuffs, so all you fans of music on the move can enjoy quality tunes and swathe your ears in warm faux fur at the same time.

Ideal for iPhone, iPod and BlackBerry fiddlers, SubZeros even feature a clever cable-mounted remote/mic that lets you take calls as you whoosh down the piste, pause/play as you trek across frozen wastelands and skip tracks as you head to work at silly o’clock on a cold and frosty morning.

Midland SubZero Headphones

Fully adjustable and worn round the back of the head (like shades in reverse), SubZeros are soft and fluffy on the inside but slim enough to be worn with beanies, ski goggles and dunce caps (obligatory headgear for Westlife fans). Yes, you could shove a beanie over your normal ‘phones but they’ll soon dig into your poor old ears as your gloved hand fumbles for your player. It’s a non-contest.

Available in black, white, camo, luxe black leather and mesh black, these winter essentials are set to become your default cans for ski holidays, trips to Iceland (the shop and the country) and, if weather reports are to be believed, most of the year in miserable Blighty. Quite frankly, unless you live in the tropics we can see no good reason why you wouldn’t want a pair. Cool? They’re totally SubZero!

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Please Note:
  • This item is not washable
Product Features:
  • Soft cotton-fur lined
  • Flush earphones built inside lining
  • Microphone on cable to take calls
  • Remote on cable compatible with iPhone to pause/play and skip song.
  • Gold plated 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Adjustable size to fit all
Remote controls
  • Play/pause music - Single press of button
  • Skip to the next song - Double press of the button
  • Answer an incoming call - Single press of the button, when call endS music will play again
  • Voice command functions - Hold down button until voice command function appears on screen
  • Ear warmers measure approximately 10cm(H) x 10cm(W) x 1.5cm(D)
  • Box measures approximately 13cm(H) x 11cm(W) x 10cm(D)
  • Cable measures approximately 1.2m length
Works with iPhone

Customer Reviews

These are by far THE best headphones I have ever had the pleasure to pull over my head, brilliant sound quality and very comfortable. I have to walk up our road every morning to get on the bus. It is cold and frosty most mornings here so my ears are exposed to our cold air. This little gadget has so much to offer me. Well worth the money and would recommend them to anyone.
Jack - 24th January 2013
If it has a 3. 5mm jack it will fit pretty much all musical devices, apple have designed ipod touch, iphone and ipad with them but please, read the spec.
Patrick Pritchard - 4th January 2011
I got these headphones for Christmas (in black) and I love them the sound quality is awesome they're sooo comfortable and I sometimes use them just as ear muffs cause they're so comfortable I'd recommend these to anyone who wants good quality earphones.
Peter Emerson - 28th December 2010
Have you had the chance to test the quality of the audio? If so, a quick review from your boffins would be good =).
Chris - 14th December 2010
Firebox says: The audio quality is great Chris, good clarity and reproduction up to quite a high volume. The low end response is also surprisingly good, considering how thin these are! - Firebox Boffin #243