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Illuminating Coffee Table

Everyone for coffee!

Illuminating Coffee Table

Everyone for coffee!

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Illuminating Coffee Table

Illuminating Coffee Table

You can keep your handmade Balinese coffee tables and low-slung designer lounge tables. There is a stunning new piece of fabulously OTT furniture in town: the Illuminating Coffee Table.

Simply plug in this neon-packed, stainless steel beast and watch in awe as its toughened glass surface bursts into life. But that’s only the half of it because a separate downlight casts a chilled glow from its underside. You can even tone things down via independent dimmer controls and select your own colours using a range of ingenious interchangeable filters.

But what’s all this Union Jack business? Well, in addition to the standard version, we can also arrange for your table to feature a great big in-your-face flag. And if that doesn’t have you standing to attention and saluting Her Maj in patriotic fervour, you can commission our good friends at Suck UK to incorporate bespoke graphics.

Clever designers have even put a power socket in one of the legs so you can fire up laptops and sound systems without running cables all over the place. It really is a dazzling piece of work. Put this in your foyer and visitors won’t know whether to pick up their popped out eyeballs or jump onto it and strike a Travolta-esque pose. The fact you can put coffee cups on it is purely incidental. And don’t you dare sully it with poncey design mags and jumbo books.

Measuring in at 1140mm x 770mm, this designer glow-chucker is destined to give your pad the wow-factor it so richly deserves. Now all you need is a couple of grand and an understanding boss/girlfriend. Everyone for coffee? Absolutely!

more info

  • Bespoke graphics can be used
  • Various coloured lights to choose from
  • Dimmer controls
  • Made from toughened glass and stainless steel
  • Measures approximately 114cm x 77cm

Customer Reviews

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Please change the wording from Union Jack to Union Flag, it is not flying off the bow of a vessel commissioned by the queen... Thank you :).
James Hoddy, Gloucester, Home Of The Greatest Rugby Team - 7th November 2012
Firebox says: Hi James, I could talk flags with you all day! Instead, take a look at this article by the Flag Institute I came across whilst researching the excellent point you raised:
Well, just received the table, will look stunning In my cinema room. Thanks Firebox!
Sir William Francis, Lindon - 4th June 2011
Cool table but seriously, who is gonna buy it for this much money? I mean it's cool yeah whatever. But seriously there is no way in hell I'm paying for it.
Leila, United Kingdom - 7th May 2011
Andrew - it's called an Illuminating Coffee Table. The pertinent words there being 'illuminating', 'coffee' and 'table'. I. E. It's a table you can rest your cup of coffee on, and it lights up. It's very pretty, if had a couple of grand lying around I would definitely get one!!
Jules, Corby - 18th April 2011
Does it still function as a table if the light isn't turned on?
Jack T. Ripper, Whitechapel - 18th April 2011
Firebox says: Sure does!.
So is it basically like a table tv?
Andrew Rainbow-Ockwell, Longcot Nr Swindon - 29th January 2011

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