Little Black Book for iPhone

A classic open and shut case

Little Black Book for iPhone

A classic open and shut case

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take photos while in the case

iPhone 4 Version has a spy hole!

What do you keep in your little black book? Phone numbers? Secret addresses? Notes to self? Amusing doodles? Well bully for you because we’ve got all of the above and more in ours because it houses our iPhone!

Yes iFans, the Little Black Book for iPhone is a case of complete genius because it looks just like a vintage journal-style book. Handmade using traditional bookbinding techniques, this luxe faux-leather case will protect your precious iPhone from bumps and scrapes whilst marking you out as a gadgeteer of style and elegance.

Little Black Book for iPhone

Lift the iPhone out with the bookmark

Thanks to its internal wooden frame the Black Book is seriously sturdy, yet it also gives access to all ports and buttons once opened. In fact you can still get at your headphone jack, on/off button and dock connector even when it’s closed. There is even a cutout for the camera lens!

Speaking of opening and closing, this tasteful case also features an elasticated wrap around strap and red bookmark to help release your iPhone from its bookish confines.

Little Black Book for iPhone

Even when the Little Black Book is closed you can listen to music, make calls and connect to your computer

Little Black Book for iPhone

Sync your contacts in your book

Weighing in at a mere 88g the Black Book is compact enough to slip inside bags and bigger pockets, and its cunning appearance could even deter tech-snaffling thieves. Indeed its cover will even wear over time like a real book.

Yes, the juxtaposition between cutting edge iTech and traditional style is a bit like dressing a teenager in a velvet smoking jacket but we think that’s rather cool. But what do we know about trends? All we know is this really is a classic open and shut case.

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Little Black Book for iPhone
Please Note:
  • Product can be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth
  • Hand crafted in the USA using traditional bookbinding techniques and natural wood products
  • The iPhone 3 version does not feature a camera hole
Product Features:
  • Classical styling, looks like a sophisticated notebook
  • Access to all the iPhones ports even when the case is closed
  • Red 'bookmark' tab allows easy removal of your device
  • Vertical elastic strap keeps the cover closed when not in use
  • iPhone 4 case – measures approximately 13.3cm(L) x 7.9cm(W) x 1.7cm(D)
  • iPhone 3G/3GS case – measures approximately 13.3cm(L) x 7.9cm(W) x 2cm(D)
  • Weighs approximately 88g

Customer Reviews

Is this available on the Iphone 4 yet?
Patrick Kerrigan - 3rd April 2012
Firebox says: Not yet, although the supplier is working on it!
When will the little black book case for the iphone 3gs come into stock or are you not selling this product anymore?
Helen Orford - 19th November 2011
Firebox says: Sorry Helen, no immediate plans to get these back in stock.
Whens the iPhone 4 one coming out?
Alistair - 23rd July 2011
Is it me or aren't some of the product shots featuring an iPhone 4? Can you give us a date on when these will be available. Thanks.
Nikki - 24th May 2011
Firebox says: You're right Nikki, we had a last minute design change, and there's been a delay.
Hi, when will the iPhone 4 version come into stock? Thanks.
Chris Flowers - 25th April 2011
Firebox says: No news yet Chris, but we're hoping soon.
If I got this would it securely fit and protect and ipod touch 4g ?? thanks.
George - 11th April 2011
Firebox says: It's only designed to fit the iPhones, there may be issues when trying to fit anything else in there.