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Headcase iPhone Bottle Opener

Pops tops and protects. What a hardcase!

Headcase iPhone Bottle Opener

Pops tops and protects. What a hardcase!

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HeadCase for iPhone

"That's great news, I'll drink to that!"

Opening beer bottles with your iPhone makes less sense than cracking coconuts with your sunglasses. But we gave up trying to make sense of things years ago, especially when products as brilliant as the HeadCase keep landing on our doorstep.

Destined to save you a small fortune in emergency dentistry bills, this ingeniously daft rubberised hard shell iPhone 4 case features an integrated stainless steel bottle opener. Yes, really! It’ll even prise open pesky, hard to finger ring-pulls. Beer and iPhones? What’s not to love?

HeadCase for iPhone HeadCase for iPhone HeadCase for iPhone

Add more fun with the amazing App!

Crack open bottle after bottle

It can even open up cans too

Best of all this stylish, beautifully made mash-up comes with a free app that counts the brews you pop, displays pictures (from your library) and plays your songs/sounds of choice every time it cracks open a cold one. ‘Urp! You can even listen to special HeadCase tracks such as the Funky Monkey, 5 O'Clock SomeWhere Parrot and Annoying Mother-in-Law. Pass the HeadCase, we could do with another beer. ‘Urp!

HeadCase for iPhone

The 2 part case comes apart simply so your phone can slide in easily and fit snugly within this tough exterior

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HeadCase for iPhone
Product Features:
  • For iPhone 4
  • Opens bottle and cans – integral stainless steel openers
  • Free iPhone App. with featured sounds
  • Use your own sounds from your iTunes library
  • Durable protective case

Customer Reviews

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Does it also fit the new iphone 4s??
Cara, Birmingham - 16th November 2011
Firebox says: Hi Cara, this is made specifically for the iPhone 4 and not the 4s.
You say in the above reviews/questions that it's not for an iPhone 4. . . But the top of the page says iPhone 4. . . . So has it changed and these now fit iPhone 4's?
Dean Matthews, Maidstone - 5th July 2011
Firebox says: Sorry for the confusion Dean, we've updated the copy and can confirm it is only for the iPhone 4.
Bought this for my hubby as a father's day present from our kids. He loved it but when he got it out of the box it was ever so slightly too small for his iPhone. He's now using it as an excuse to upgrade to the iPhone 4!
Catherine Routh, Lancashire - 21st June 2011
Firebox says: Sorry for the confusion Catherine. We were a little late on updating, still... it's as good an excuse as any!
Bought this for my bro, who is a huge apple fan boy and who loves a good drink. :P He was really impressed by it, and the price is so good! Cheers firebox! :).
Jade, Lincoln - 15th December 2010
What if you don't know that the bottle or can has been shaken up? Also I don't think it is a good and safe use for the expensive iPhone. Although if you had a case that had a built in hammer or maybe a bullet proof case that would sit over the heart of something like that, that would be great!
Nick, Manchester - 25th November 2010
Firebox says: Give it a good few solid taps on the side - defizzes it straight away for a safe open!
Perfect except can you not use this for iPhone 4??
Jessica, Buckinghamshire - 23rd November 2010
Firebox says: You surely can Jessica!