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Drowning in piccies and paperwork?


Drowning in piccies and paperwork?

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Scan, Save, Share

Digitising photos, documents, magazine pages and other papery items just got a whole lot easier thanks to the incredibly versatile DocuScan. Sleek and compact, this all-in-one full colour scanner makes digitising paperwork, pics and articles about Mrs Mangel (bored, us?) a complete doddle. You don’t even need a computer!

Simply feed your photos and other printed material into its waiting gob and…well, that’s it. Photos are archived in JPEG format for stunning clarity, and because the DocuScan scans in high res 300 DPI you’ll be able to read every word. ‘Nell Mangel first arrived in Erinsborough…’ You get the picture. You can even view and zoom in on your scans via its onboard 2.4” colour screen.

DocuScan DocuScan DocuScan

Store images on the free SD card!

View them on the colour LCD screen

Connect to your computer via USB

If you can’t be doing with all this computer business, fear not: the DocuScan copies directly onto any SD card up to 32GB via its built-in slot (1GB SD card included). This means you can convert photos and documents anywhere there’s a plug socket, and zap them straight into digital gizmos on the fly or archive them directly into any PC or Mac. ‘No, of course my screensaver isn’t that photo of your girlfriend you left on your desk the other week.’

DocuScan: Contents

1) User manual 2) USB cable 3) DocuScan 4) 1GB SD card 5) Cleaning Brush 6) Photo sleeve 7) Power adapter


It can even scan business cards

Thanks to an adjustable tray feeder you can scan all sizes up to A4, so standard documents, ancient concert tickets, school reports, swimming certificates, photos of granny on the pier, old Polaroids from the pub and crumpled love letters to Kim Wilde will be zapped into digital files before you can say ‘Paperwork? What paperwork?’ So what are you waiting for? Like the tagline says: scan, save, share.

more info

  • All-in-one photo and document scanner
  • Scan directly on to SD Card
  • View the documents on the 2.4” colour screen
  • Scans at 300 DPI
  • Scan any documents or photos up to A4
  • Scan in colour or grey scale
  • Small desktop footprint
  • Mains powered
  • DocuScan
  • 1GB SD Card
  • USB Cable
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Photo protective sleeve
  • Quick Start Guide
  • User Manual
  • Power adapter
System Requirements:
  • Mac: OS X 10.4+, USB 2.0 Port or SD Card Reader
  • PC: Windows XP (SP2), Vista, or 7. USB 2.0 Port or SD Card Reader

Customer Reviews

I have had mine for a year or 2 now and friend got same and both find lots of benefits in having this gadget. It small enough to take to visit with friend and do on the spot copies and downloads. I use mine all the time to download knitting and craft patterns for others. Great time and money saver. WORTH ITS PRICE.
Jane (trammyjane)on Site - 18th July 2012
Perfect! Just what I needed as a hoarder of papers, scan them all, upload to PC and de-clutter.
Shelly Robinson - 4th May 2011
This is a great little scanner which incidentally comes with a 1Gb SD card which I don't think is mentioned. Dead easy to use, you just put paper through it and it puts it straight on the SD card and away you go. It does 300dpi which is fine. My only complaint is that smaller bits of paper (I tried to scan a Tesco receipt) can be tricky for it to pick up and it also skews them. Generally though a recommended product.
Mike Scott - 11th January 2011