Zeal Optics GPS Goggles

I spy…mountains of info

Zeal Optics GPS Goggles

I spy…mountains of info

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Zeal Optics GPS Goggles

Colour LCD display

You probably never realised how badly you needed GPS-enabled ski goggles with an integrated, info-packed display. But that’s only because Zeal Optics GPS Goggles weren’t around to wow you. Until now.

A world’s first, these groundbreaking goggles feature a colour LCD display in the lower corner of their polarised, photochromic lens that shows real-time stats such as time, speed, altitude, vertical distance travelled, temperature, location and much, much more. There’s even a stopwatch/chrono mode. Think of it as a crystal-clear interactive dashboard inside a pair of sensor-laden goggles.

Zeal Optics GPS Goggles

Choose which stats you want to see (They appear 6 feet in front of you)

Zeal Optics GPS Goggles

Review your trip and share online

Don’t worry about squinting as you schuss because the unobtrusive screen somehow appears to hang six feet in front of your naked steaming eyes. Astonishing! And thanks to glove-friendly buttons navigating menus and checking out stats on the chairlift has never been easier. Actually, come to think of it, it’s never been possible.

Zeal Optics GPS Goggles
Zeal Optics GPS Goggles

Hit the slopes with live stats!

Ideal for skiers, boarders, snowmobilers and infantile plastic tea tray riders who’ve OD’d on bad sci-fi movies, Zeal Goggles are USB compatible and come with idiot-proof software that lets you upload and compare stats. You can even plot your route down those pesky black runs with Google Maps. Techy four eyes? You betcha.

The Zeal’s rechargeable battery gives up to 7 hours of juice, which, unless you’re planning on wearing them to the beerkeller, is more than enough for a day on the slopes. Pop these babies over your beanie and you’ll never look back. In fact they bring a whole new element of information technology to wintersports. It’s like skiing on the Wii, only with real trees. So come on, eyes front, bendee zee knees and get ordering!

more info

  • Full GPS Capabilities
  • Head Mounted Display – LCD display mounted inside goggle
  • Real time stats
    • Speed
    • Altitude
    • Vertical odometer
    • Stopwatch/chronos mode
  • USB port for downloading and analysing stats on your computer
  • Google map overlay
  • Total weight: 257 grams
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery – 7 hour run time
  • Protective hard case
  • Lens cleaning bag
  • Micro-USB charger
  • European and American adapters
  • Zeal Optics Instruments software (PC and Mac compatible) with Google map overlay for reviewing stats and highlights
  • Operating Systems
    • PC and Mac compatible Software
    • English / French Language
    • Imperial (English) / Metric units
Zeal Optics exclusive lens technology
  • SPPx polarized - photochromic (transitioning) lens
    • Lens auto-adjusts in changing light conditions
    • Lens transitions from light yellow to dark rose/amber tint

Customer Reviews

Hello, I am searching for a version with camera as well. Does it exist? Thank you.
Katalin - 26th November 2012
Firebox says: Hello Katalin, this version does exist, but we currently don't stock them. Sorry!
Is there any way I can trial them before I buy them?
Jake - 26th July 2012
Firebox says: Unfortunately not Jake, sorry about that! You can always return these to us within 30 days if not entirely satisfied.
I've been enjoying mine for a couple seasons now - most useful feature is definitely having a clock... but it's pretty sweet to have your speeds, times, altitudes. It's about as easy to see as a speedometer on a car. (takes a glance only) Goggles themselves are large but comfy, fit kind of awkwardly on some helmets, but look sweet once you find a good one. The photochromatic lense is high quality and has performed very well both in bright and overcast conditions.
Kal - 2nd April 2012
I tested some in Austria a couple of weeks a go. They're a cool idea but massively flawed. To view the screen with the data, etc you have to move your head and eyes down - as though you're staring intently at your nipple. This isn't ideal - if you look down to see you're doing 60mph, why the hell are you looking down in the first place? Nice idea, flawed.
Alex - 22nd April 2011
These are great goggles, very James bond like.
James - 24th February 2011
Firebox, how is it that you control what appears on the glasses? EG. Speed, altitude, ect. Or does it display it all on the screen at the same time.
Adam - 22nd February 2011
Firebox says: There are east to use controls on the side of the mask, Adam.