Happy Hopperz

Are you ready to boing?

Happy Hopperz

Are you ready to boing?

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A perfect size for little Firetots!

Much as we love classic Space Hoppers, buying one for a 21st century toddler is a bit like buying a teenager a fondue set – fun but dated. So thank goodness Happy Hopperz have arrived to reinvigorate the bouncing business.

As you can see these colourful inflatable bouncers are shaped like farmyard animals, with ears and horns for kids to grip, and feet to steady the bounce. Brilliant for helping nippers develop core muscles and increase balance and control, Happy Hopperz are set to become must-have playthings for kids everywhere. And because they are inflatable you can pack them up and take them on your travels.

Comes in three styles

Available in 3 colourful designs (from left to right): Cow, Horse and Bull

There are three Happy Hopperz to choose from (White Cow, Red Horse and Blue Bull) so why not collect the lot for a boingtastic menagerie. We guarantee you’ll be unable to resist having a quick bounce no matter how old you are. ‘Oh, hi boss…yes, we were just stress-testing Blue Bull.’ Boing!

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Please Note:
  • Recommended for ages: 3+ Years
  • Made from EU approved Phthalates free PVC & contain no heavy metal elements
  • All products are CE tested & approved
Product Features:
  • Each animal design has been created with easy to grip ears / horns for ‘little hands’
  • Comes boxed and un-inflated.
  • Maximum inflated size to 'saddle' is 30cm
  • Measures approximately 41cm(H) x 26cm(W) x 52cm(L)

Customer Reviews

I use this on my way to work.
Jim - 11th February 2012
Firebox says: Send us a picture Jim!
I love Happy Hopperz.
Bob - 23rd July 2011
Brilliant, I bought one each for both my kids, they both love them! I've just bought 2 more as presents for other kids. Your kids will love them, mine did. The best purchase I have made this year.
MD - 4th February 2011
What a fantastic toy !!! I WANT ONE FOR ME !! I just bought one after seeing these guys at a recent trade show and my little one has gone ballistic. Bounce Bounce Bounce!!! He's only 2. 5yrs old, not the most coordinated of kids you'll find but he absolutely loves Bruce the Bull and he's actually getting more stable and well balanced, let alone bouncing off all the extra energy he stores up. He had dinner sitting on it last night and asked if it could come in the bath with him!! Brilliant. Come on Happy Hopperz make an adult version!!! (and make sure you let me know) Nicely priced, I didn't feel I was laying out too much for what is really a novelty toy. Summer in the garden will be great, I'll get a few so they can have races in the garden.
Rob - 29th January 2011