LEGO Storage Bricks Large

Don’t box it, brick it!

LEGO Storage Bricks Large

Don’t box it, brick it!

Sorry, this product is not available.



Sliding the lid over

Keep your toys inside a... toy!

Remember when you used to keep all your toys, mags and stationery in big biscuit tins, Tupperware crates and old banana boxes? What’s that? You still do? Then you need to get stacking with a few LEGO Storage Bricks.

Officially licensed by our brick-stacking buddies in Denmark, these colourful storage solutions are shaped like everyone’s favourite plastic building blocks. And as you would hope a LEGO product to do, they can connect to each other and be stacked to create giant LEGO structures. They’re perfect for bedrooms, studies, funky boardrooms and anywhere else that needs de-cluttering.

Colours available

Colours available (From L-R): Yellow, Green, White, Red and Blue

LEGO Storage Boxes on a shelf

L-R: Small (red), Small Lego Head, Medium (green), Large (blue) and Large Lego Head

Kids, toy freaks, failed architects, trendy ‘meeja’ types and CEOs with a sense of humour will love ‘em. You can even use them to store regular LEGO bits. Don’t be a blockhead, get ordering!

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Underneath LEGO Storage Boxes

Underneath the Large (red)

Product Features:
  • Suitable for ages 3yrs+
  • Officially licensed LEGO product
  • Over sized LEGO blocks that stack
  • Store anything you wish in them from magazines to toys to stationary
  • Brighten up your living area
  • Measures approximately 25cm (W) x 50cm (L) x 18cm (H)

Customer Reviews

Why is this product no longer available will it become available soon?
Isabek - 17th March 2011
Firebox says: They are available now and come in a variety of colours.
Could the small be used as a novelty lunch box?
Connor - 13th March 2011
Firebox says: Possible Connor, but your lunch will be limited.
I would love to purchase a large Lego block, but really need a yellow one. Do you not have that colour available?
Michelle Hattersley - 26th February 2011
I was wondering for the price do you only get 1 block? Thank you Firebox!
Rosie Hazell - 26th December 2010
Very cool. Got one of each for my 5year old son. Hes gonna love them when he opens them on Christmas day!!! Think I might order more for myself haha. Thanks Firebox.
Suzanne - 16th December 2010
I bought these for my son and he loves them. I plan on buying more of them in the future. He put his regular sized legos in them.
Melanie Farmakes - 2nd December 2010