Kitty Coin Bank

Meowing for money

Kitty Coin Bank

Meowing for money

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The whole world’s been let down by massive bankers so it’s hardly surprising Joe Public is going nuts for home saving. But why feed your coins into some nondescript tin when you can give them to the adorable little pusskins cowering inside the Kitty Coin Bank.

Impossibly cute, this charming Japanese gizmo will help you save cash faster than you can say ‘collateralised debt obligations’. After all, who can resist a helpless kitten? Simply place your coin in the bowl on this innocuous box and watch as the kitten peers out, snatches your shrapnel and gives a heartfelt meow before disappearing. Awww, innit cute!

Okay, so cats can’t really eat money, but who cares about minor details when you’re fishing around in your pocket for yet another coin. Best of all, when you finally make your fortune you can leave your entire coin-based estate to the local cattery. Meow!

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Please Note:
  • Requires 2x AA batteries (not included)
  • Colours may vary from those shown
Product Features:
  • Adorable mechanical kitty coin bank from Japan
  • Put the coin in kitty's food bowl and it'll pop out of the box to steal it
  • Kitty meows to thank you after it's stolen your money
  • Measures approximately 11.5cm(H) x 12cm(W) x 10cm(D)

Customer Reviews

This is great but we don't use it for coins - if my little boy (he's 4 yrs old) is good he gets to feed the kitty with bright buttons! It helps with his counting too so he saves up his buttons to feed to the kitty and giggles everytime they vanish! It would be great for money but we find it more fun like this!
Liz Elgar - 14th November 2012
Firebox says: Hi Liz, that's such a great idea! Thanks for letting us know.
So cute! Any idea when this will be back in stock? :D.
Kat - 25th July 2012
Firebox says: Hey Kat, these have only just gone out of stock so at the moment we do not have an estimated due date unfortunately. Pop your email into the "Email me when available" section so once they arrive in stock we will send you a reminder!
This has been showing as 'expected in 4-8 weeks' since christmas. . When can we actually expect it back in stock??
Elaine - 27th March 2012
Firebox says: Hi Elaine, we expect stock of these in May, hope this helps!
Wow! Will be buying this, but what kind of coins does it grab (UK coins)? Will all sizes fit?
Gemma Dene - 11th December 2011
Firebox says: Hi Gemma, 50p coins can be a little bit difficult for the cat, but all other standard UK coins should be fine.
I have just ordered this cute kitty coin bank and I have a question; What is the box made from? Is it real cardboard or plastic made to look like cardboard? Thanks!
Bryony Lister - 20th April 2011
Firebox says: it's plastic fantastic!
How do you get the money out if it's already full? Will it ever get jammed? Can it be shipped to other continents such as Asia?
Grace - 13th February 2011
Firebox says: We ship this product worldwide. It has a door on the bottom to empty it.