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Fire Stash Keyring

Got a light? But of course!

Fire Stash Keyring

Got a light? But of course!

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  •  Never leave home without FIRE
  •  Stop using that horrible plastic lighter
  •  Super compact and keyring-friendly capsule
  •  Fully waterproof
  •  Refillable with standard lighter fuel
  •  Use it to light candles, bonfires, barbecues, blow offs, whatever.


The hot wobbly stuff we call fire is incredibly handy. But stuffing some plasticky disposable lighter in your pocket is about as cool as ramming giant pickled onions up your nose. For this reason and many more you need the Fire Stash.

Impossibly titchy, this keyring-friendly zinc alloy capsule unscrews to reveal a fully functioning refillable lighter. Presto, Instant fire wherever you may roam. Chrome plated, the Fire Stash even features a waterproof neoprene ‘O’ ring around its thread, so shipwrecked sailors, clumsy boozers and cross-channel smokers can still light up (assuming they don’t forget their keys).

But even if you don’t smoke, this sleek gizmo is sure to come in handy at some point. Use it to light candles, bonfires, barbecues, blow offs, whatever. You can even wave it around during power ballads. The possibilities are endless. Best of all, at just £6.99, it won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Flame on!

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Please Note:
  • Suitable for ages 18+
  • Requires lighter fluid (not included)
Product Features:
  • Dark chrome plated zinc alloy
  • Refillable lighter
  • Waterproof neoprene ‘O’ ring
  • 20mm split ring
  • Keyring attachment
  • Measures approximately 4.5cm(H) x 1.5cm(W) x 1.5cm(D)

Customer Reviews

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How do I put in the lighter fluid ??
Rolf, Carshalton - 25th October 2012
Firebox says: Think this link might help you Rolf... =)
When will this be back in stock.
Ellis, West Yorkshire - 11th March 2012
Firebox says: No due date as yet Ellis, why not put your email address down for updates on when this can be expected.
I have just ordered this product and was wondering, can you use Zippo lighter fluid for it many thanks for your help, Jake.
Jacob, Beckenham - 11th July 2011
Firebox says: You sure can Jake.
This is a very nifty little lighter. Very nice. A good keyring gadget to have.
Cullen Simmons, Norwich - 22nd June 2011

Adam, The Ghetto - 14th June 2011
Firebox says: Good point Adam, corrected.
This gift was great because my dad collects these kind of things and it was a Fathers day gift that he can use and be happy with when out and about.
Adil Hameed, Birmingham - 16th May 2011
Firebox says: Glad to hear it Adil!