Autoloader Screwdriver

The world’s greatest screwdriver?

Autoloader Screwdriver

The world’s greatest screwdriver?

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Get screwing!

Get screwing!

Next time you realise you’re packing the wrong screwdriver, don’t stomp down the ladder in a huff or clamber out of the closet cursing the gods of flat-packed furniture. Just twiddle the 6-in-1 Autoloader and get screwing. Job done.

Totally idiot-proof, this award-winning screwdriver features a patented pump-action bit change mechanism. Simply pull back the handle, twist until you find the right bit for the job and presto – out it pops, locked in place and ready to screw. Handy? It’s a DIY revelation.

Pump action

Simply pull back the handle, twist until you find the right bit for the job and presto – out it pops

With a total of six nickel-plated Phillips and flathead bits to choose from you’re spoilt for choice. And because the bit tips are magnetised you won’t keep dropping screws. You can even customise the Autoloader by preloading it with the bits you use the most. All you need now is something to fix.


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Please Note:
  • Comes with 6 Philips and flathead magnetic tipped bits: Phillips 1, 2, 3, Slotted 1/4", 3/16", 1/8"
  • Made from chemical and shock resistant plastic
Tool bits

  • Measures approximately 20.5cm(H) x 3.5cm(W)
  • Change Bits in Seconds:
    To load a different bit, simply pull back on the handle of your Autoloader, rotate the handle until you locate the bit you want, and push the handle back into place. You'll never be caught wishing you had a different screwdriver in your hand. The bits included in the drivers and the set are constructed from Chrome Vanadium steel for durability and long life, and they feature a smooth nickel-plated finish to resist rust and corrosion.

  • Customize Your Screwdriver:
    If you consistently work with the same type of hardware and screw heads, you can customize the Autoloader to fit your needs. Simply preload the six bits you know you'll be using, slip the screwdriver in your pocket or toolkit, and stop worrying about hunting down a different screwdriver for each new task.

Customer Reviews

I bought this for my partner for Christmas and he loved it! It came in really handy on Christmas day when we had to open up a whole pile of kids toys to put the batteries in!
Jemma Colgan - 7th March 2013
Firebox says: Just in the nick of time! Glad to hear it came in handy Jemma.
I Bought one of these on a whim a couple years ago, and abotu 6 months later I started working as an IT Engineer for a local University, this tool has not only become a bit of a signature piece for me as I'm always carrying it, but it's never left me wanting even once! Also, Firebox you have been misinformed, you CAN put your own bits in, the whole system works via magnetism, so providing the bits are magnetic and not really long they'll work fine! Although I will say this! The whole thing is a little more bulky than a regular screwdriver - so it might not be suitable for some applications in tight spots - but the construction is really solid!
James Barry - 28th February 2013
Amazing, just brought one of these for my dad. Works really well and has all the bits you need for any job.
Stacey Bates - 20th December 2012
Do you have to hold the blue bit whilst screwing something in? like they do in the video?
Anon - 18th December 2012
Firebox says: Not that we are aware of!
Firstly, delivery was AMAZING!! I placed my order around 8pm Thursday and it arrived Friday morning- thank you Firebox! Secondly, I'm even more chuffed with this gadget than I thought I would be- turns out that, contrary to some of the replies to other reviews/questions, you CAN put your own bits in (as long as they are the right kind of length of course). I am soooo pleased with it, I just have to do the hard bit and wait until 25th December to give my fiance his prezzie now!
Kath - 9th December 2012
Firebox says: Glad we could help Kath and that your other half enjoys his gadget!
Hi, im thinking of getting this for my boyfriend. Can you put your own bits in or does it only work with the ones it comes with? Thanks.
Lizzie - 21st September 2012
Firebox says: Hey Lizzie, it'll only work with the bits that come with it I'm afraid!