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Spiderpodium Mobile

Spiderpodium Mobile

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You need hands to hold a little gizmo. But that can be pretty awkward when your mitts are busy doing something else. What you need is a super-versatile (and artistically talented) arachnid to hold your gadgets. And here it is in the striking shape of Spiderpodium Mobile.

Inspired by everyone’s least favourite creepy-crawly, this ingenious universal stand accommodates all manner of handheld gadgets, from iPhones and satnavs to cameras and e-readers. You can even charge gizmos via a hole in Spiderpodium Mobile’s body. Look ma, no hands!

Thanks to eight flexible legs you can position devices anywhere you fancy, at virtually any angle: on desks, dashboards, headrests, handlebars, baby buggies (for you, not baby) and more. This is one grip-tastic octopod.

Best of all this soft-touch stand makes gadgets look like they are in the clutches of a robot spider. And if that’s not a top reason to buy one, we don’t know what is.

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Please Note:
  • Materials: Advanced Tech 'SoftTouch' Rubber
  • Finish: Matte White/Matte Black/Matte Pink/Matte Blue