Twistix Ice Lolly Moulds

Higher, lower, freeze!

Twistix Ice Lolly Moulds

Higher, lower, freeze!

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Twisting the Twistix Ice Lolly Moulds

Twist it up and down!

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could make your own drip-free ice lollies? Slurpable popsicles you could twist up and down in a handy holder, lipstick styley. Well thanks to Twistix Ice Lolly Moulds it’s easier than sticking out your tongue.

Brimming with ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ factor, these nifty moulds double up as colourful holders for your favourite frozen treats. Simply fill, freeze and then twist to move your popsicle up and down.

Pouring juice into the Twistix Ice Lolly Moulds Putting the Twistix Ice Lolly Mould into the freezer Enjoying the ice lolly from the Twistix Ice Lolly Mould

Fill it...

Freeze it...

Twist it!

The twisty drip tray bit at the bottom also serves as a lid, so you can abandon your lolly mid slurp without ruining the sofa. You can even pop it back in the freezer and lick it up later (the lolly, not the sofa). And your lollies won’t have to stand to attention in the crammed freezer; just shove ‘em in any which way you can. Stop/start slurping has never been easier. If you can’t lick ‘em, twist ‘em!

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4 different colours in each pack

Please note:
  • Suitable for ages 6yrs+
  • After removing your Twistix from the freezer we recommend that you slightly warm your frozen Twistix before twisting by briefly placing it under a warm running tap.
  • Easy way to make ice lollies
  • Place anywhere in the freezer, lying down or standing up
  • Drip tray to prevent mess
  • Unique twist mechanism it to get the lolly up
  • Create your own flavours
  • Pack of 4 bright colours
  • Each lolly mould holds 110ml
  • Dishwasher Safe

Customer Reviews

My mom has gotten this same thing a long time ago and its cool that Firebox is selling them now.
Leif Giller - 21st May 2011
Bought these for my 13 years old as she's lolly mad and has often made her own using a cup and a spoon lol. These are simple to use and easy to clean; work brilliantly and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Get some for summer before they run'll save yourself a fortune in shop bought lolls and your own will be much tastier! :0).
Sarah Hashim - 15th March 2011
I have these and they're great! I really like the design of these and how you can just put the lid on them and stick them in the freezer any way you want to. The only down side to these are that they were a lot smaller than what I expected them to be so you can't pour that much in until you get up to the "Fill line"
Sophie - 31st December 2010
I find it quite tricky to clean inside after finished off my lolly. Have you got any methods for cleaning it?
Sophia - 23rd December 2010
Firebox says: Hot water works best, they can be put in the dishwasher as well.
Omg!!! These really are the greatest... my little sis' and big cousin are having a ball with them... cant wait for my turn!!!
Saisai - 8th December 2010
Really disappointed with these. Yes they freeze OK, without spilling out into your freezer, but the twist mechanism is poor, and after only 3 uses one has broken already. Not impressed.
SM-J - 2nd December 2010