Very Intelligent Pocket

Because one handbag is never enough

Very Intelligent Pocket

Because one handbag is never enough

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Very Intelligent Pocket

Easily switch between bags

If you’re a handbag-loving girl about town, you’ll know that swapping bags can be a time consuming faff. But swap them you must because the arm candy that goes with your favourite LBD simply won’t work with your weekday garb. For this reason and more you need the Very Intelligent Pocket.

Already causing a buzz amongst fashion’s finest, the VIP is an ingenious nylon pouch/liner that sits in your bag(s), securing essentials and making swapping day-to-day items between bags easy. What’s more it protects plush handbag interiors, keeping them pristine and debris free.
Very Intelligent Pocket

There's enough pockets to keep your whole life organised, never forget your keys or purse again!

Very Intelligent Pocket

Medium size also available in Pink

Featuring a large main storage section, nine pockets of varying sizes and a drawstring top to keep things safe, the VIP is set to become the must-have accessory for bag-toting fashionistas everywhere. Where’s your VIP? It’s in the bag.

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Please Note:
  • The perfect gift for any handbag-a-holic
  • Makes swapping handbags simple and quick
  • Medium measures approximately 15cm(H) x 22cm(W) x 5.5cm(D)
  • Large measures approximately 20cm(H) x 26cm(W) x 8cm(D)
Each VIP features:
  • 9 pockets
  • Made from nylon
  • Takes your essentials from one bag to another in less than a minute!

Customer Reviews

This claims to be an intelligent pocket, but just how intelligent is it? Can I ask it do to multiplications for me?
Alex - 3rd July 2012
Firebox says: The pocket is a great thinker, you can ask it to do multiplications for you, or even long division - but I warn you, it will take as long as it needs to ponder upon the answer, which could be an indefinite amount of time.
Great purchase! I no longer miss phone calls, can always find my keys, I have everything I need to hand immediately, brilliant. Don't know how I managed without one.
Dottijo - 18th March 2011
This product saves me at least 10 minutes every day when I'm searching for my keys/phone/mints/purse. It's definitely a little pricey for the size of it - but it's a great time saver!
Emily - 31st December 2010
A bit of a pricey product, but worth it! As it has organised my handbag perfectly! My bag was a bomb site inside, took me ages to find anything, and my mobile would just seem to be absorbed when ringing and I was trying to find it. Now with all my bits and bobs sorted into all the little nifty pockets, I know where every little thing I have in there is, and incoming calls, answered in seconds! And of course it takes away the grim task of transferring everything to a brand new handbag... (hope thats a big enough hint for the fella this xmas...) But yes a very useful product.
Michelle - 3rd November 2010