FroliCat DART

The cat’s whiskers/dog’s doodahs!

FroliCat DART

The cat’s whiskers/dog’s doodahs!

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Batteries (4x AA) for FroliCat DART

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Cats are hilarious. When they’re not sashaying around looking aloof and regal, they’re going loopy swatting imaginary flies and leaping about like whiskered loons. And as for dogs, well, they’re barking. But attempting to entertain pets can be rather tedious, especially when you tire of waving bits of string around. That’s why you need the FroliCat DART.

controls laser rotating lid



360° rotation!

This pimped-up version of the award-winning FroliCat BOLT will keep cats and dogs enthralled for hours on end. Simply place it on the floor, turn it on and snigger in amazement as furry friends go bonkers chasing the random laser patterns projected by the DART’s fully rotating ‘lid’ section. Meow! Woof!

With variable speed and timer settings, this sleek gizmo offers 16 paw-swipingly madcap play combinations. Yes, you can entertain Tiddles/Fido by dressing him up as an Edwardian gent/Hitler, but let’s face it, people who do that aren’t well. So quit chasing your tail and get ordering. Purr! Bark!

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Please note:
  • WARNING: Do not aim laser light directly into the eyes of pets or people
  • Always supervise pets playing with toys
  • Do not allow small children to use this product to play with your pet without adult supervision
  • Inspect the product periodically for damage and discard it immediately if it appears worn or broken
  • Variable speed settings
  • Adjustable timer for various lengths of play
  • 16 exciting play combinations
  • Fun for cats and dogs
Battery requirements:
  • 3x AA batteries – not included
  • Approximately 18cm(Diameter) x 21cm(H)

Customer Reviews

Hmmm. Just got this after owning the frolicat dart, which I broke knocking it off the table. This appears to be more sturdy than the bolt, but it doesnt seem to have a standard no movement function so that you can point it yourself!? half the fun of the bolt was pointing the laser yourself. I feel a bit cheated if im honest. 10 quid more and not as much functionality as the frolicat bolt :(.
Chris Stokes - 14th March 2012
Firebox says: Oh dear Chris! Sorry to hear you are not happy with it. Drop us a line on and we will look into how you can return this.
I bought one of these for my cat, Fonzy, for Christmas. He loves it and goes absolutley mental every time we put it on. It also has an automatic shut off after 15-minutes, which means we can pop it on before we go out and it'll deactivate itself without draining the batteries. Ours is also loud, but Fonz doesn't seem to care. If anything, the noise attracts his attention and he knows to look for the light!
Matt - 24th January 2012
One of my cats loves this. The other is terrified of the noise it makes. It's so loud! I can't decide if it's broken or meant to be this way? I see other reviews which talk about the noise but sometimes it quiets down and seems to move much more quietly. Mostly though it sounds like a machine gun!
Sarah - 15th December 2011
Firebox says: Hi Sarah, if you feel the item is faulty please give us a call on 0800 044 5010 or email It certainly shouldn't sound like a machine gun!
Amy Thompson - 22nd February 2011
I had considered the original Frolicat for some time but when this one became available I took the plunge. The first thing of note is the size of the thing, it's big, secondly it's rather noisy - a constant grind as it rotates. Unfortunately my cat is completely indifferent to it, she goes crazy for a laser pointer but this dull round and round motion doesn't inspire her at all. A waste of money IMO.
Thetapeworm - 19th December 2010
Is this product safe for an animals eyes if looking the laser directly ??
Nichola - 14th December 2010