We know a toy that’ll get on your nerves


We know a toy that’ll get on your nerves

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Copying what people say is one of the funniest things ever. Copying what people say is one of the funniest things ever. Copying what… look, you get the idea. Unfortunately so do Chatimals because these furry critters will repeat whatever they hear in a ridiculously high or low pitched voice. Hilarious. Well, ish.

Serious contenders for toy of the year, Chatimals are simple beyond belief. Just squeeze a paw, say your piece (it records in 5 second bursts over a period of 30 seconds) and prepare to giggle for no discernable reason as your plush pal repeats your musings, moving its lips as it does so. You can even talk to your Chatimal in another language! Magnifique!

Description Description Description

Press the paw button...

Talk to your Chatimal...

and he'll copy you in a hilarious way!

Just think, with a Chatimal to hand you can compliment, insult and annoy friends, record video messages or even freak out pesky telesales bods. The possibilities are endless. The possibilities are endless. Trust us, Chatimals are gonna be huge… Trust us, Chatimals are gonna be huge. Aargh!

more info

  • Cuddly critters will repeat whatever you say.
  • The hamster/meerkat's voice changes from high to low at random.
  • Lips move when repeating your phrases.
  • Suitable for Ages 6-16yrs
  • Batteries:
    • Requires 3x AAA batteries (not included).
    • Hamster measures approximately 20cm(H) x 14cm(W) x 12cm(D)
    • Meerkat measures approximately 24cm(H) x 14cm(W) x 11cm(D)

    Customer Reviews

    Age range should state 6 years + as I bought the Meerkat for my dad and he's had no end of fun and entertainment from it, as well as the Grandchildren enjoying it as well. It not only repeats what you say, but it also repeats your reaction to whatever it says back to you - which just makes you laugh more...... absolutely brilliant! Highly recommended.
    Rebecca Ward - 27th August 2011
    Firebox says: Great to hear Rebecca, we'll look to get that amended asap.
    I got both Hamster and Meerkat chatimal for Christmas and I absolutely love them, but only the hamster does the low voice, and only once within the 5 repeating times which sucks because I prefer the low voice. I know the other guy said he doesn't like the low voice, well I love that, it'd be better if it did the low voice and the high voice for equal amounts of time. The other thing is that it would be even better if you did more animals, like a skunk, squirrel, wolf, cat, dog, bird etc.
    Dorian Shaw - 7th January 2011
    Excellent meerkat, so funny, I've named him Alexander hahaha. We like the high pitched voice more than the other though, but I keep talking to it in a Russian accent, so funny...would be an improvement if you could turn he/she/it on with a remote, then you could place it near someone and have a real laugh...and maybe having them repeat for more than 30 secs.... But it's a good idea that it turns the batteries off after 30 secs, saves power. Overall, its a brilliant invention...the manufacturers maybe should make a witch/ghost for Halloween and a Santa for Xmas. If they do I want a FREE one for suggesting it. It's well made by the way. Well done for inventing it whoever you are.
    Paul Hudson - 24th September 2010
    I used one of these in hamleys, they are really fun and I was very tempted to buy one. I was with my friend so I said his name into it. My friend had his back turned and so I put it up to his ear. He was both confused and amazed when a squeaky little voice called his name!
    Joel Levene - 12th August 2010