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Grow up, you vial little thing


Grow up, you vial little thing

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If you fancy marvelling at the wonders of nature without leaving your desk, you need some Plantariums. These clever little test tube-style containers are filled with a transparent NASA-approved nutritive growing gel, so you can watch the included seeds take root and gawp at the entire germination/early plant process without getting soil in your eyes.

Simply remove the seeds from the lid and poke them into the non-toxic gel using the included wooden stick. Replace the lid, position your miraculous mini ecosystem somewhere nice and light and Diarmuid’s your uncle.

Empty seed into the tube Push the seeds into the gel Watch the plant germinate

Empty the seeds into the tube

Push them into the non-toxic gel

Watch them grow!

Once your plant reaches the top of its Plantarium (about 2-3 weeks) you can transfer it to a regular plant pot. How easy is that! There are five plants to choose from: Basil, Busy Lizzie, Carnation, Sunflower and Tomato. Even if you’ve never planted a seed in your entire life we guarantee you’ll be engrossed as your plant flourishes in the gel and slowly heads for the top of its Plantarium. Well it beats gazing at screensavers.

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Please note:
  • Not suitable for children under 6 years
  • Never touch the seeds
  • Never re-open the vial between planting the seeds and removing the plant
  • The gel could be any colour i.e. there is no correlation between the seed and the colour of the gel
  • Quick, easy, fun way to grow plants
  • Plant them in the home or office
  • Quality glass test tube works as a greenhouse
  • Approximately 18cm (H) x 3cm (W) x 3cm (D)

Customer Reviews

I followed all instructions perfectly and it was growing well, until the just suddenly stopped! Not been opened or anything so do you have any advice?
Homer - 31st October 2011
Firebox says: Hi Homer, we're sorry to hear that your Plantarium's stopped growing. Unfortunately, we don't have any additional advice beyond what's in the instructions booklet. As anyone who's ever tried keeping a plant will tell you, sometimes seeds just don't seem to grow. Remember, if you're ever dissatisfied with a Firebox order you can get in touch at and we'll always do our best to resolve the issue.
Great while it lasted....... I bought the basil version of this and it grew very very fast but unfortunately it died after about 3 weeks very dissapointed.
Jamie Mcilhone - 11th October 2011
Firebox says: Hi Jamie. This is most peculiar, provided you followed the instructions and didn't touch the seeds or open the container they should have sprouted into glorious fruition! Feel free to drop an email to and we'll see if we can help you out.
These are ace, I got my mum the Busy Lizzie ones, I was a bit worried they wouldn't work but they arrived and she was mega impressed as they were a massive success! They are now out of the gel and in the garden, they grow so fast, after a day or 2 of being in the gel they was starting to appear. Thumbs up to Firebox, Another Great Product!!
Gemma - 8th September 2011
Firebox says: Great review Gemma!
When I brought my sunflower plant I was so excited. Once I planted the plant I kept it on my window sill but after a while a load of water gathered up but I don't know if stopped it from growing. I am so sad that it didn't grow and it costs so much:(.
Luke Cockerham - 20th June 2011
Firebox says: Please feel free to get in touch if you'd like to look at a replacement Luke -
Seedlings are doing great!! Kinda threw the instructions away. How would I go about transferring the plant into soil? Do I just smash it? Also can I plant the gel into the soil rather than taking each of the plants out of the gel? Thanks!
Tom - 3rd May 2011
Firebox says: You could try sliding it out, will be safer.
The first of these I got didn't work, but firebox quickly replaced it and the second one was brilliant! Sun flower shot up and was fascinating to watch. Successfully transferred to pots and now have seven flowers growing steadily outside :).
KH - 3rd May 2011