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Bed of Nails Relaxation Mat

When all else fails, lay on nails

Bed of Nails Relaxation Mat

When all else fails, lay on nails

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We'll get straight to the point

Laying on a bed of nails? Now that’s gotta hurt. Actually it doesn’t because the amazing Bed of Nails Relaxation Mat is completely painless. More to the point (boom boom!) it’s ideal for anyone looking to release inner tension, reduce stress levels and achieve a feeling of well-being.

Said to aid relaxation, relieve back and muscle pain and increase energy levels, this modern take on an ancient cure-all is made from Styrofoam and plastic instead of wood and rusty iron. Which is nice. Simply undress, lie down, relax and prepare to be stimulated, sharp-styley. We’re even offering a separate neck-only pillow version. Ooh, endorphins!


Both the pillows and mats are available in green and pink

Initially the sensation can be rather strange in a hurts-so-good kind of way, but once you get used to all those spiky plastic discs you won’t want to get up. So how does it work? Nobody knows for sure but the spikes (over 6000 of ‘em) are believed to increase circulation and blood oxygenation. Whatever. All we know is that when all else fails, we chill on nails.

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Please Note:
    Warning! Bed of Nails has sharp plastic nails attached on one side. Please keep away from small children and pets. If you have sensitive skin always use a towel or wear a t-shirt when first using the mat. Bed of Nails should not be used in case of skin irritations, haemophilia or the intake of anticoagulants. People with severe allergic back eczema or general psoriasis should be careful and always use a towel and should initially lie on the mat for a shorter time than recommended, experimenting to find optimal treatment time. People with substantial skin damage on their backs should not use the mat. Also, people with serious heart disease and pregnant women should not use the mat. If you are uncertain regarding any health-related issues, always consult your doctor before use. The product is wrapped in plastic. To avoid danger of suffocation, keep away from babies and children.
Product Features:
    Covered with 230 acupressure point tees, with each tee having 28 nails for a total of 6440 nails per mat
    Top 10 Benefits:
    • Has been known to reduce pain in back, neck, shoulders, hips and joints
    • Can improve circulation
    • Can increase energy levels
    • Can give a deep sense of relaxation
    • Muscular tension can decrease
    • Endorphins can increase (the well-being hormone)
    • Can increase uptake of oxygen
    • Has been known to improve sleeping patterns
    • Can improve digestion
    • Can give a positive mental outlook
    Measures Approximately:
    • Mat: 68cm(L) x 42cm(W) x 2cm(D)
    • Pillow: 37cm(L) x 15cm(W) x 10cm(D)

Customer Reviews

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Bought the moss green pillow as a gift so can't really comment on the item, but buyers should note it doesn't come packaged, only in a clear plastic bag. Therefore it might be better to be there when it is opened, otherwise it may baffle the recipient.
Fiona, Glasgow - 12th November 2011
Do you think it would help to stop shoulder pain? (thinking of getting one for my mum's birthday).
Kit, West Sussex - 3rd September 2011
Firebox says: It varies depending on the issue and the patient Kit, but judging by the reviews we've already had, sounds like it certainly would! If it doesn't suit, there's always our 30 day return policy.
Had one of these for a while now, best thing I've found for back pain/sciatica.
Eve B, Liverpool - 17th February 2011
M dad has a slipped disc in his back, would you recommend this for him or stay away from it?
Mads, - 3rd November 2010
Firebox says: Although this has been known to reduce pain in backs, we wouldn't want to give out specific medical advice, Mads. (Our Dr Love isn't really qualified!). Your dad should consult his doctor and we do have a 30 day return policy should this not be suitable.
Is it easy to clean? Especially between the plastic nails. I would love to try this. I have terrible back and joint pains.
Linda, The Netherlands - 3rd October 2010
Firebox says: Washing it in the bath with a nail brush should do the trick.
Can I sleep on it?
Richard, London - 27th September 2010
Firebox says: Of course, knock yourself out!

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