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Whoopie Pie Book and Pan

Mix ‘em, match ‘em, eat ‘em!

Whoopie Pie Book and Pan

Mix ‘em, match ‘em, eat ‘em!

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Whoopie Pie Gift Set

Fully illustrated book and baking pan

If you’re a pulse-fingering domestic goddess you’ll know that Whoopie Pies are creating a huge buzz in the baking biz. So why not get in on the action with our brilliant Whoopie Pie Gifts.

Half cake, half cookie, sort of sweet sandwich, these delectable treats have taken the US by storm. And let’s face it, our friends across the pond are pretty savvy when it comes to diet-destroying yummy things. Mmm…spongy creaminess.

Ingredients and book Using the baking tray Whoopie Pies

Easy recipes

Baking pan keeps their shape


This luxe book is filled with more than 40 mix-and-match Whoopie Pie recipes, from classic chocolate with marshmallow cream to colourful flavour combinations such as red velvet, green tea and pumpkin with tangy cream cheese filling. Just like mom never used to make!

As well as the fully illustrated, info-packed book you can also buy our special baking pan in which to cook six Whoopie Pies a pop. It really is an ideal pressie for sweet-toothed bakers and cake-scoffing snackers. Go on, the diet can wait.

Page from thw Whoopie Pie book

Beautiful photography accompanies the recipes

Page from thw Whoopie Pie book

Packed with quirky illustrations too

more info

Please note:
  • Artistic licence was used on our Whoopie Pies we made – we added icing and treats to the top of the original Vanilla recipe... Mmm!
  • Fully illustrated 120 page book of over 40 Whoopie Pie and cake recipes!
  • PLEASE NOTE: This is an American recipe book, measures and weights are all given using the American metric system
  • Baking pan will cook six Whoopie Pies at a time
  • Whoopie Pie Book – approximately 20.3cm (W) x 17.8cm (H) x 3.6cm (D)
  • Whoopie Pie Tray – 35.4cm (L) x 26.8cm (W) x 1.7cm (D)

Customer Reviews

A lovely young woman in my team at work produced a batch of these cakey wonders and by the Gods, they are delicious! If you know someone who is a bit handy in the kitchen, this is a fantastic gift idea, the tray and book combo is perfect! You absolutely MUST try a delicious Whoopie Pie.
AAron - 27th October 2011
Love this item - I cleverly gave it as a gift to a good friend who makes yummy cakes, now she makes yummy Whoopie Pies too and I am loving them! Lovely book and tray make the perfect gift :).
Mojo - 24th June 2011
This is fantastic! Signed for it today and have already made several batches. Tray only makes 6 (completed) at a time, would you consider selling extra ones on their own?
David - 5th January 2011
Firebox says: We did sell them separately for a while, but not any more, sorry!
Brought the book from a Bookstore and tried making it without the pan ... total disaster! So brought the pan from firebox and they turned out so much better!
Jenny - 26th November 2010
Ok so I bought this a while ago for myself as a little pick me up. I've never understood a great deal of Americanised cooking, but thought these would be a nice treat for my friend's birthday. As it happens, they taste exactly like the 'milk cake' I used to eat in Germany. This is something I have been looking for for ages, and this pan does exactly what you could ever want it to! Another speedy delivery and perfect execution. Thank you firebox. (Oh, and as soon as I can, I'll be sending some cakes your way!!).
AnnaMontana - 23rd November 2010
This is a brilliant item, bought as a gift and really worth every penny (and really fast delivery too :)) thanks a millions firebox :) x.
Niki - 22nd October 2010