‘No, left at the table leg!’


‘No, left at the table leg!’

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Batteries (2x D) for Bigtrak

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Bigtrak is back from the eighties!

If you remember fiddling with your Atari joystick and watching Crackerjack through your Six Million Dollar Man’s bionic eye, you’ll remember Bigtrak. This programmable keypad-clad vehicle captivated millions of kids with its space rover-ish antics throughout the early Eighties – and now it’s back, ready to thrill a whole new generation (and quite a few dewy-eyed nostalgics).

An exact replica of the MB original, Bigtrak Jnr is made using the same moulds as its predecessor, so the only reason it feels smaller than the one you programmed as a whippersnapper is because your hands have grown.


Key in your commands via Bigtrak’s integrated 23 button keypad

Simply key in your commands via Bigtrak’s integrated 23 button keypad, hit Go and cross your fingers as this sleek six-wheeler attempts to execute various moves and firing sequences. ‘Go forward five lengths… pause… turn right 30 degrees … fire photon beam.’ It’s like being an alien tank programmer on the Planet 1981. Sort of.

Bigtrak remembers up to 16 commands and there’s a repeat mode so you can loop the same sequence. Okay, so it’s not exactly cutting edge but watching the results of your pre-programming remains as thrilling as ever, even if you weren’t around 30 years ago. ‘No, left at the pouffe!’


Direction controls for left and right

A brilliant gift for fans of retro-modern playthings, Bigtrak is a great way to introduce kids to the wonders of basic programming. It will also look suitably stylish sitting in your Eighties shrine alongside those Mork & Mindy VHS tapes and posters of Drew Barrymore (Bigtrak featured in ET). But let’s face it, you’re not a kid and you haven’t got a shrine. You just want to find out if Bigtrak can still wind up the cat.

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Product Features:
  • Full replica of the 1979 MB Bigtrak
  • Programme up to 16 commands
  • Repeat mode for continuous sequence
  • Turns in 30 degree segments
  • Photon Beam sound and light effects
  • Measures approximately 34cm(H) x 23cm(W) x 15cm(D)
Battery Requirements:
  • Requires 3x D cell batteries – not included

Customer Reviews

Just a quick question, does the product come in a retro BigTrak box?
Thomas Boothman - 16th May 2011
God I had one of these as a kid and loved it that much I wore it out. . Wow what a retro toy to have all over again I want one again, I use to annoy the life out of the dog with mine...Bring on the eighties again.
Phil - 15th December 2010
Do you do shipping of this to the USA?
Anna - 21st November 2010
Firebox says: Yes, it will be an option listed at checkout.
I always wanted a BigTrak when I was a child and was very pleased to get one on my birthday this year (even though I was 36). It is exactly as I remember it when seeing it in my local toy shop with the sound effects taking me down memory lane. It is solid, well made and a great way to introduce kids (and adults) to basic programming. It is great fun to play with although I think it is a shame that there are no decent accessories. I seem to remember a great trailer with the original one.
Gareth Robinson - 7th November 2010
I WANT ONE! Although can't decide on Big Trak or Jnr? I missed out on as a kid and at nearly 35 I should give it up. . But the little kid in me is screaming "GET IT, GET IT"
Andra - 5th November 2010
Firebox says: "GET IT, GET IT"
Answer to Mikey's Question. Yes there is a connector there but it's an IR LED not the 3. 5mm jack that the original had. I have read plans that the trailer will be released but no news when. Hope this answers your question!
Jamie Hasted - 21st October 2010