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Hungry Hound Coin Bank

Put your money where his mouth is

Hungry Hound Coin Bank

Put your money where his mouth is

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  •  Feed your savings to this frantically hungry pooch
  •  Every dog has its pay
  •  Make a complete dogs dinner of your money
  •  Give a dog a bonus


When is a piggy bank not a piggy bank? When it’s a Hungry Hound Coin Bank of course. Already a hit amongst feverish yen hoarders in Japan, this barking mad savings receptacle resembles a shoe box with a friendly slobbering pooch on top. Drop a few coins into this dawg's bowl and he goes berserk, wolfing down your wonga in a disconcertingly frenzied manner.

Okay, he doesn’t actually swallow your money, he merely gobbles it into a little hole in his bowl. Indeed Choken Bako (as he’s known in Japan) is so enthusiastic he looks like he’s having a seizure. Maybe he is. It’s worth dropping in some shrapnel just to see this bonkers doggie doing his thing.

If only those greedy bankers had kept everyone’s money in a kennel-load of Hungry Hounds the global economic meltdown would never have occurred.

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Please Note:
  • Hungry Hound enjoys coins with a maximum diameter of 27mm
  • Requires 2x AA batteries (not included)
Product Features:
  • Feed this frantically hungry pooch your savings
  • He snaffles up your money, storing it nice and safe in the box below him
  • Won 'Gift of the Year' 2010
  • Measures approximately 3.8cm(H) x 4.1cm(W) x 2.0cm(D)

Customer Reviews

First photo, first video but not first review damn but my I have 2 questions 1. Why is the black cheaper then the other ones and 2. Do I get a £10 voucher for being first video (already got one for first photo) and 3. When will you start choosing the video of the week thing start again??? hint* choose mine lol ;).
Jack McCowie - 6th January 2011
Firebox says: That's 3 questions Jack!
I bought my two godchildren one each of these doggy money boxes. They love them and are being encouraged to save more than any other money boxes have.
Gill Fincher - 14th August 2010