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Cherry Chomper

Cherry Chomper

Cherry good show

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Press the head and release

Mmm…cherries. These scrumptious morsels have got to be amongst our favourite fruit. Because as well as being delicious and nutritious you can dangle them over your lugholes like earrings. The only downer is the stone. Enter the ingenious Cherry Chomper.

This nifty device pits cherries so you don’t have to. Simply pop a cherry in its mouth, press the head and release. The rapid plunging action pushes the stone through the cherry leaving it perfectly pitted and ready to eat. Yummy!


Ready to eat!

Dishwasher safe and fun for all the family, the Cherry Chomper even comes with a little recipe booklet. Mmm…cherry cobbler. And if you somehow tire of cherries, fear not: this efficient device also works with olives.

True, you’ll no longer be able to spit stones into the bin, but you’re bound to save a fortune on dental fees. Indeed we haven’t been this excited about cherries since poodle rockers Warrant (get YouTubing, kids) sang about sticking ‘em in pies. Sweet!

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Cute packaging

Please Note:
  • Cherry Chomper is dishwasher safe
  • Cherry Chomper Dimensions: 9.1cm (W) x 15cm (H) x 7.2cm (D)
  • Cherry Chomper Box Dimensions: 11cm (W) x 19.1cm (H) x 7.6cm (D)
  • 1x Cherry Chomper
  • 1x instruction sheet with 3 recipes