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Steady on!


Steady on!

Sorry, this product is not available.

  •  Made from silicone rubber, the finest rubber around
  •  Scientifically devised wedge-shape
  •  Clips onto your keyring
  •  Colours are randomly picked


Even the ponciest bars and restaurants suffer from wobbly table syndrome. But who has time to wait for pompous waiters to grudgingly stuff a hastily folded matchbook under the offending leg? Why not do it yourself with the WonKey.

This keyring-friendly clip wedges under wonky table legs, putting everything on an even keel, at least for your table. An essential companion for anyone who wines and dines on a regular basis, the WonKey costs a fraction of your average dry cleaning bill and is worth it for avoiding the waiter's attitude, alone.

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Please note:
  • Wonkeys are blind packed – so your colour will be picked out at random from either Pink, Blue or Grey.
  • WonKey is produced from silicone rubber for maximum grip and durability

Customer Reviews

Absolutely brilliant during exams if you have a wobbly table, and those small tables always seem to be wobbly! My exam handwriting has never been neater!
Andrew - 2nd October 2013
I love this! at first glance it looks like it wont work and when I received it I also thought it wouldn't work because its quite small, however when it came to actually using it, it was great! Love It! :).
Josh - 18th March 2011
Brilliant. A night on lash with no keys when u get home, no wobbly table though!
Steve Vickers - 3rd March 2011
Firebox says: Unfortunately, spare key not included Steve.
We always end up the wonky table, now it's no longer a problem! We just slip it under the problem leg and voila! No more spilling of the drinks! I love it and would recommend it to anybody that enjoys eating out or even just going for a few drinks! :D.
Steph - 13th October 2010
Another great looking product but I am worried that I would take it out, fix the table but then forget the Wonkey.
Dean - 11th May 2010