Ogon RFID Wallets

Full metal wallet

Ogon RFID Wallets

Full metal wallet

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  •  Give credit cards a safe, stylish home
  •  Easily accommodate up to ten cards
  •  Protect yourself from RFID scanners and demagnetisation


Wallets have traditionally been designed to hold cash, not cards. Thing is, cash is fast becoming yesterday’s currency, a fact most wallet makers seem keen to ignore. For this reason we’ve been on the lookout for a pocket-sized receptacle that will protect flexible friends as well as wonga, whilst exuding a dash of 21st century style. Step forward the gorgeously sleek Ogon RFID Wallet.

This revolutionary wallet is encased in light but über sturdy protective aluminium to prevent cards from bending, snapping and cracking. And get this: its special casing shields cards from RFID scanners and demagnetisation (which can strip out data). This means you won’t fall victim to tech-savvy fraudsters or Wile E. Coyote-style cartoon characters armed with comedy u-shaped magnets. You can laugh but scoundrels are already nicking card details by the bucketload using portable scanners.

Available in eight stylish designs, and ideal for both men and women, the Ogon’s matt black interior fans open to reveal seven tear-resistant expandable pockets that can accommodate up to ten cards. As well as making for easy access, this capacious system means you can carry essential plastic such as your cashpoint/credit card alongside unimportant cards such as your Michelle Heaton fan club membership. ‘Nectar card?’ For the first time ever, quite possibly! A (vastly improved) clip at the top of the Ogon keeps it sealed, but it’s worth opening just to hear the satisfying click it produces – unless all your credit cards are maxed out, in which case you’ll be too scared to look at them in the first place. Still, there’s always cash, and this smart wallet can comfortably accommodate that too.

If you’re still stuffing your cards in some soppy surfer-style affair or even a top-notch designer wallet, now is the time to step into the future and give your cards a safe and stylish home. So come on, dig out your plastic and get ordering!

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Please Note:
  • Be careful not to over fill your wallet otherwise the hinge will break!
  • Only fits credit card size cards. Travel cards or any other larger card will not fit.
  • Measures approximately: 10.9 x 7.2 x 1.9cm
  • Weighs: 70g
  • Aluminium shell, resin core with tear proof PVC pockets
  • Includes 7 expandable pockets made of resistant PVC to fit up to 10 cards
  • Excellent protection of the data chips from electro-magnetic radiations
  • Certified as providing radio frequency identification protection
  • Water-resistant material
  • Click-button for easy closing and opening

Customer Reviews

So I have had mine for about three years. If you are a muppet and try to put too many cards in it or try to fold up cash to store it its gonna break (obviously) If you use it as designed you will have a hard time breaking it. I can highly recommend this product. Its stylish and street. So if you are a muppet don't buy it. Simples.
Stu Sutcliffe - 22nd September 2012
As all the reviewers above have said great wallet, very handy for cards. Also lots of reviewers mentioning the clasp problem. I had that too but Firebox fixed/replaced it without any hassle! And that a year after I had bought it! So just wanted to say great customer service!! To avoid breaking the clasp simply don't overload the wallet! If you've got more than 7-10 cards get two or check out the TRU VIRTU wallets. I got myself one of those as well. They have a stronger clasp as well.
Sebastian - 6th February 2012
Love it !! Amazing wallet and a total statement when you pull it out. Cheers.
Ray Napier - 19th August 2011
They work! Hows that for a headline? They really do work in blocking signals from cards in your wallet. To enter my building at work we have a card that you place against a reciever. Now normally the card in your wallet will still activate the door but not in this wallet! Proof that the wallet is actually keeping your bank cards safe. All of my cards have contactless payment built in so people walking past you in the street and skimming money from your cards is a real threat. Not with this amazing wallet! It looks good, it built well, just don't put to many cards in it! Upon reading all the reviews of people saying the clasp had broken, well mine first did went it was full of cards, but keep it to the correct number and my new clip has lasted!
Steve Collier - 4th May 2011
I ordered this at at 11h55 on Friday and got it at 11h30 the next day, if that's not good shipping then I don't know what is. I did think maybe a bit pricey for a wallet but know I got it, it's worth every penny. Great design, solid construction.
Peter Smith - 4th September 2010
Love the style and not having to rummage through my old wallet for cards. Excellent quality and very practical.
Marc - 9th June 2010