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EST. 1998
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BladeFish Seajet

Forget the flippers

BladeFish Seajet

Forget the flippers

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Swimming underwater using the BladeFish Seajet

See it in action here!

Do you love snorkelling, scuba diving or anything else that involves swimming underwater? Then don’t waste energy and oxygen endlessly kicking your flippers; make like a fish-seeking missile with the prop-tastic BladeFish Seajet.

This lightweight rechargeable sea scooter will propel all you fish gawpers through the wobbly stuff at 4.225 km/h for up to 40 minutes. Okay, so you won’t outswim any sharks, but at least you won’t have to exert yourself unduly as you gaze in awe at coral reefs, colourful fish and lounging mermaids. Swimming with the fishes has never been easier.

Carry Bag

Carry bag

Simple to operate and supremely manoeuvrable, the handheld BladeFish works at depths of up to 30 metres so you can explore the ocean like never before. Better still, this compact gizmo weighs only 4.7kg and comes with a heavy-duty carry bag, so carrying it on dry land is a doddle. The only thing you need now is an impending seaside holiday. And we’re not talking Skegness.

BF1000 BF3000



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  • Effortless operation allows maximum time under water
  • Small, light and portable
  • Works at depths of upto 30 metres
  • Propels at speeds of 4.225 km/h for upto 40 minutes

Technical specifications:
Power12V Li-ion18V Li-ion
Max Speed3.25 km/h4.225 km/h
Number of gears1 speed1 speed
Endurance40 minutes40 minutes
ChargerStandardFast charger
Depth Rating20m / 65ft30m / 100ft

Customer Reviews

Great product!!
Abdullah Eyles, Adana, Turkey - 20th September 2011
One of my friends tried these on holiday in Florida, and she said they were brilliant. I'd really like to buy one, but I'd have nowhere to use it ):.
Becca, Ayrshire - 6th April 2010

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