Star Wars Adult Bath Robes

It is useless to resist

Star Wars Adult Bath Robes

It is useless to resist

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Imperial Logo

The Imperial logo

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, the Jedi Council decreed that their default costume should resemble a brown dressing gown. Imperial mischief makers were similarly dippy, opting for the same thing in black. Fast forward (or rewind, or whatever) a few gazillion years and their sartorial stupidity is your good fortune because these high quality bath robes looks just like regulation Jedi/Imperial clobber.

Possibly the greatest garments in the galaxy, our officially licensed Star Wars Bath Robes are made from soft 100% cotton velour with an embroidered Star Wars/Imperial logo. Featuring large hoods to conceal your straggly ponytail, wide sleeves to conceal your robotic hand and a sash belt to conceal your Jedi weapon (yes, the loofah) these adult size robes are certainly not for younglings. Slip into the Imperial version and you’ll be unable to stop cackling as you make a proper Palpatine of yourself.

Jedi Logo

The Jedi logo

We could go on about the practicalities of Star Wars Bath Robes, but seeing as you’ll be too busy wearing yours to fancy dress do’s and re-enacting iconic Star Wars moments in the khazi, we won’t bother. All yours for £49.98. Actually, call it £52.99. We are altering the deal, pray we don’t alter it any further

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Jedi logo on the Jedi Bathrobe

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Please note:
  • The Star Wars Bath Robes are 100% cotton velour
  • Machine washable (cool wash)
  • The adult dressing gowns are 1 size and will fit adults. This is quite large so will fit men's sizes medium to extra large
  • The bath robe is approximately 144cm long with a 68cm chest (when measured across the front)
  • Sleeve length 62cm

Customer Reviews

I bought one of these last year (may even have been the year before)for my Jedi wannabe husband. He has absolutely worn it to death. It is very large fitting (but so are the real ones from the film) with droopy sleeves but it is super warm despite feeling quite thin. It doubles up as a blanket for when its freezing sitting on the sofa watching movies. Think I am going to have to buy him the sith one this year as I dont think his Jedi one will survive another year.
Debbie - 7th December 2012
These robes have the force!
Daniel Fredrik Eather - 23rd March 2012
Firebox says: They certainly do young Daniel!
I'm a 5ft9 woman and the gown fits me ok. One thing I have to say is that its thinner than I thought it would be so i'm not so sure about the quality.
Ashley - 9th February 2012
This is the 100% cotton, official 'real deal'. (Some companies are selling cheaper and inferior 'fleece' like and thin material. ) This is a quality garment! This Official Star Wars Jedi Bath Robe has huge 'baggy arms' and has a large hood. More like Obi-Wans (Alec Guinness) Hooded cloak. It is very large and even adults up to 6 foot with a healthy 42" waist still feel suitably 'covered'... The only down side is that the colour is a 'light tan' colour. Which is nice enough - if that what you want! We wanted more of a 'Obi-Wan' darker brown look and so did some home dye with Dark Brown pack of dye and 500 grams of table salt! Here is how it went. Http://www. Youtube. Com/watch?v=zZ9_Cy0Zd7c Thanks Firebox!
Clive - 10th January 2012
Firebox says: Nice tips Clive. Very creative.
Bought as a xmas present for a woman approximately 5'8" tall and medium build - it's ridiculously large, it would fit her twice - robe and sleeves are way too long - and would be dangerous to wear - why is it only in one size?
Philip Adams - 29th December 2011
Firebox says: That's just the style I'm afraid Philip, maybe it's to allow ultimate Jedi movement? Drop us and email if you have any questions (
Its actually fairly terrible for the price you pay. The quality of the material is very low quality. Very scratchy and very thin and due to the size of the arms its actually uncomfortable in the way it hangs. Very disappointing.
John - 25th December 2011
Firebox says: Oh Dear! please give us a shout on and we can see what we can do