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EST. 1998
Not For Everyone

Jellyfish Mood Lamp

Amazing technicolour chill lamp

Jellyfish Mood Lamp

Amazing technicolour chill lamp

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Jellyfish Mood Lamp switched on

Switch on and get in the mood!

Remember the days when making rooms look chic and moody involved coloured lightbulbs, drawn curtains and lots of squinting? Probably not, because this is the age of high tech ambient lighting, and the ultramodern Jellyfish Mood Lamp raises the bar to unparalleled levels of sophistication.

Gorgeously stylish, this touch sensitive lamp is just as mesmerising as its gloopy underwater namesake. But it’s a triumph of function as well as form. By utilising spamhead-inspired digital technology, the Jellyfish can produce stunning colour effects, gently cycling through 16 million unique colour/brightness combinations. Just turn on, tune in and drop out. Or something like that.

Clever touch control...

Slide across on the Jellyfish Mood Lamp touch control Flick up on the Jellyfish Mood Lamp touch control Flick down on the Jellyfish Mood Lamp touch control

Choose colour by sliding across

Flick up to lighten the colour

Flick down to darken the colour

You control the lamp’s various modes via a sleek integrated touchpad. Simply stroke it, iPod styley, and watch in trippy awe as it switches intuitively between modes. You’ll get the hang of it in no time. There are three main modes with which to fiddle:

Fixed Colour Selection:

Monochrome Display:

Flow Colour Selection:


The lamp is set to either one solid colour or the ‘rainbow colours’ display and remains static.

Allows a completely white or black appearance. The hue and saturation of that colour can then be adjusted for the perfect mood setting.

The colours gently flow from one to the next in sequence. Gawptastic!

Jellyfish Mood Lamp switched on

Switch on and get in the mood!

If you ever tire of all those hypnotic combos (with 16 million, we doubt it) you can switch off the main dish section, leaving the Jellyfish’s transparent ‘tentacle’ structure to provide understated backlighting. How incredibly chillaxing.

Thanks to its almost infinite palette of seductive colours, the Jellyfish will set the mood in any scenario, livening up soirees or adding a sexy, chilled atmosphere to your home. All you need now is a state of the art penthouse in which to admire it. Failing that, try squinting. Ohmmmmmm!


View from the back and the side – showing the LED lights on the base

more info

Red Dot Design Award Winner 2010

Please note:
  • Mains powered
  • Intended for indoor use only
  • During long periods of non-use, disconnect the unit's main power
  • This lamp unit consists of Top Display (black), Bottom Tube (transparent), Touch Panel, Female Jack and attached AC adapter (100V ~ 240V AC input)
  • Has 3 light modes to chose from: Fixed Colour Selection, Monochrome Display and Flow Colour Selection
  • Lighting can be controlled by single finger left/right or up/down flick/movement on the Touch Panel
  • Lamp – approximately 23.5cm (Diameter) x 11cm (H)
  • Box – approximately 24.2cm (W) x 24cm (D) x 17cm (H)

Customer Reviews

Nice lamp - not bad at all.
Bob Dillon, Australia - 6th April 2010
Friends of mine from France sent me one of these, they just knew I would love it, and I do! It really is so "cool" it lives in my lounge but if i'm having an early night I take it to bed with, (not in bed just by the side)of course. As a regular visitor to the Firebox website I was wow there's my lamp and when I saw the cost I was very flattered to think that my friends thought so much of me! But I have to say that it truly is quality and technically its outstanding.
Matty, Cardiff, S.Wales - 28th February 2010