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Tech21 iPhone Protectors

Ultimate iPhone protection

Tech21 iPhone Protectors

Ultimate iPhone protection

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Amazingly tough

Amazingly tough and shock-absorbing

You wouldn’t tumble down the stairs, somersault along the street or bellyflop on the pavement in the nude, so why inflict the same indignity on your beloved iPhone? Give it something to wear – and we’re not talking about some flimsy sock-like sleeve. We’re talking about the amazingly tough, shock-absorbing iBand and iMesh.

Unlike a regular case this protective band fits around the edge of your iPhone to offer incredible impact protection. In fact it gives 100% more impact protection than a standard case. Hard? Think of it as the Ross Kemp, no, the Rambo of iPhone accessories.

Amazingly tough

New: The iMesh with back protection

So how come this rubbery band offers such incredible protection? We’re not entirely sure but boffins tell us it’s made from a revolutionary substance called d3o. This patented material contains molecules that instantly lock together on impact to absorb and dispel energy. Why planes and cars aren’t made of this stuff is anyone’s guess. Indeed it’s so tough it’s currently being developed for military use.

For those of you that care for a bit of rear protection then we also have the iMesh. Available for both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3G/3GS it has the same resilience as the iBand but with mesh covering the back, allowing you rear protection whilst still able to partly view the iconic Apple logo.

Amazingly tough Amazingly tough Amazingly tough

iBand - visibility of the front and back

d3o provides real impact protection

Cut outs for control and port access

Once your iPhone is sporting an iBand or iMesh you’ll still have full access to its controls and ports. And even though the screen and rear remain fully visible, the iBand is just thick enough to raise your iPhone off whatever surface you choose to plonk it on. Short of encasing your oh-so sleek gizmo in concrete, we can think of no better way to protect it from the rough and tumble of everyday use. So come on butter fingers, get ordering!

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Please Note:
  • iPhone not included
Product features:
  • Contains d3o impact shock absorption
  • 100% more impact protection than standard cases
  • Connector and control access
  • On desk protection
  • iBand has 100% visibility of the front and back
  • iMesh has 100% visibility of the front and 40% visibility of back

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Customer Reviews

On the Tech21 website they advertise the Mesh in a number of colours, does firebox only sell the black one? Hardly anywhere seems to sell these and when they do it seems to be only in black :/.
Matthew - 12th July 2011
Firebox says: Unfortunately we're only stocking the black mesh currently Matthew.
The iband is amazing - it's even dog proof. If I hadn't had this on my boxer dog would have had my phone in bits within minutes. I love it - chew marks and all.
Suze - 15th May 2011
Absolutely brilliant, the amount of times I've dropped my iPhone and it's never been damaged since I bought this product. It's easy to fit/take off. I completely recommend this for all iPhone owners, miss it at your peril!
Janice Batty - 28th March 2011
I have had this item since January - I think I need to return it now as the exterior band has stretched so much it is starting to come off. Not impressed if it does this because of the material....
John - 22nd March 2011
Firebox says: Sorry to hear that John, drop us an e-mail to and we'll see what we can do for you.
IPhone4 - It's bulky and adds nearly 1cm to the height and width (e. G. 0. 5cm each side); provides excellent protection. A couple of mm to keep front & back off flat surfaces. The phone feels much bigger & gives better grip with this fitted. Buttons work well, but are tricky to find (when raising volume during a call) & there’s little ‘feedback’ when pressed. Mute switch ok for small fingers. The outer band of the case is stretching after 4 weeks; v. Annoying & may be a return. Apple cable connects, but you will need an extension cable (e. G. Cablejive) to connect to dock without removing case. Large headphones won’t fit, & smaller ones can be tricky to remove. Like: excellent protection, most accessories fit. Dislike: separation of outer band from inner layer (stretching of outer band).
Andy - 8th January 2011
I don't have it yet but after a bit of research... ok Google... This product is bloody amazing! I am still unsure why they haven't developed this material into even more uses!
Lyndon - 8th January 2011