22 Carat Vodka

Special brew

22 Carat Vodka

Special brew

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Flicking the ears of austerity and sticking two fingers up at the credit crunch, this smooth pink (yes, pink) German vodka is infused with edible flakes of genuine 22 carat gold. It’s like a shimmering golden blizzard swirling around in a potent ocean of luxe pink liquor. Or something like that.

Unrivalled in terms of sheer self-indulgence, its elegant diamond-shaped bottle features a glass stopper. The unexpected orange colour is extracted from natural blood-oranges, but fear not, the vodka doesn’t taste remotely orangey; it’s as clean and pure as soviet snow.

Fabulous? Why dahling, the 22 Carat Vodka is the perfect gift for the cocktail-loving girl with everything. So stop riding your prize stallion around your silver-plated yacht and make yourself a drink.

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Please Note:
  • 20% alc. vol.
  • You must be 18 or over to purchase this product.
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  • 23cm(W) x 25cm(H) x 23cm(D)
  • 500ml bottle
Product Details:
  • Blood Orange Vodka with 22carat gold leaf
  • Diamond shaped Glass Bottle with 500ml of Vodka and a glass stopper

Customer Reviews

Arrived today and it's beautiful. The bag is also lovely :-) Thanks Firebox.
Emma - 20th September 2012
Fair Price considering it has 22 carat gold pieces in and the shape of the bottle, makes for a great gift!
Lindzo - 8th February 2012
I brought this for myself a treat to share with friends loved it its so glam everyone thought it cost more than it did. I adore the shape of the bottle! Goes really well with cranberry juice :).
Fiona - 28th March 2011
Order arrived very quickly, 22 Carat Vodka looks great and perfect for my 30th. Thank you x.
Angela - 21st April 2010
My boyfriend offered me this fantastic diamond for my birthday. It was soooooo amazing. Brilliant idea and the gold vodka takes your breathe away...will definitely recommend.
Amanda - 7th February 2010