Wacky Racers Driving Experience

Break the speed limit without getting off the sofa

Wacky Racers Driving Experience

Break the speed limit without getting off the sofa

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Locations Available:

Northamptonshire (Midlands)


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Please Note: During the experience you'll be a passenger in the world's fastest sofa, bed and office desk, after which you will then drive a bizarre double-decker car!



Wacky Racers Driving Experience

Ride a bed...

Busy? Of course you’re not. You wouldn’t be gawping at a picture of a man driving a sofa if you had anything important to do. Which means you’re just the kind of bonkers numbskull who’ll love our Wacky Racers Driving Experience.

Despite the name, Dick Dastardly plays no part in this hilariously bizarre day out. It’s just you, an 87mph sofa, a pant-soilingly nippy office chair, a double-decker car and the world’s fastest street-legal bed. Mental? The whole thing is totally hatstand!

Wacky Racers Driving Experience

...a desk...

Bringing a whole new meaning to the term ‘fast worker’ your day begins with a blast around the racetrack strapped to a motorised desk and office chair. We’ll even provide you with a shirt and tie. Yes, really. ‘Honest boss, I was working.’

Next up, it’s time to take a seat on the celebrated leopard print sofa, a bum-clenchingly fast bit of furniture that needs to be seen to be disbelieved. In terms of surreal experiences this is right up there with orbiting Saturn in a brass sausage before going ice skating in a flannel volcano with a meringue cat.

Wacky Racers Driving Experience

...and of course a sofa!

Sofa, so good. But now it’s time to take the controls of the Double-Decker, a harebrained contraption in which the top driver steers and some mug down below controls the pedals. It’s like trying to pat your head and rub your tum whilst playing the glockenspiel with your feet. In other words, hilarious. 

Finally, after all that excitement, it’s time for bed: the world's fastest street-legal bed, to be precise. Tucked snugly under a duvet, you’ll be chauffeur-driven around the scenic British countryside before returning to the track.

A great gift for surrealist speed freaks, the Wacky Racers Driving Experience is guaranteed to amuse, confound and terrify in equal measure. You don’t even need a full driving licence to take part – and that, more than anything, just about says it all. Aargh!

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Delivery details:
This product is sent to you directly by our experience provider via Royal Mail 1st Class and should take around 1-3 working days to arrive for mainland UK addresses.

Please Note:
The World's Wackiest Racers Experience will see you riding along in some completely bizarre vehicles. You'll have the pleasure of being a passenger in the world's fastest sofa, bed and office desk, as well as driving a bizarre double-decker car yourself.
  • You will be in a group of six participants.
  • The experience will last approximately 3 hours.
  • A reasonable level of fitness is required.
  • The maximum weight for this experience is 20 stone.
  • A driving license is not required for this experience.
  • This experience is available on selected dates throughout the year, usually weekends.
  • Your voucher is valid for 10 months for one person
  • Suitable for ages 16 years +.
  • Location: Northamptonshire (Midlands)

Customer Reviews

Hello, we are not sure about this little information! If we book a voucher gift for our brother, do we have to book in a date and time? Where is the exact address in Northampton? If our brother drive there, would our family be able to come and spectate? Kind Regards, Marcus & Sunisa.
Sunisa Schober - 10th August 2012
Firebox says: Hey Sunisa, once brought you will receive a pack that gives you all the information you need. Basically there are a list of locations which you chose from and then you call them up to book the experience. The Northampton track is based at the Northampton raceway.
Bought this for my brother for his birthday. A fantastic day out even as a spectator! My brother absolutely loved it, especially the double decker cars. There were even a few extra things that weren't in the description. Excellent value for money! Here's a video I took http://www. Youtube. Com/watch?v=c8A4ZwUFqUQ.
Selina - 23rd June 2012
Just ordered This for my husband, however just read u can do it in a group so now thinking shall I book for me too.... Would I be on all the rides with with him?
Chez - 29th May 2012
Firebox says: It depends on the cars. Some of them are just for 1 passenger, whereas others can take more. You'd certainly both get a go on all the cars, but you'd have to ride solo (with the driver) for some! You'd also have to make sure you both book into the same session.
I am trying to sort a 30th birthday surprise for my husband, and think this looks great, I only have one problem, I cant find out where about in Northamptonshire it is?
Alison - 7th February 2011
Firebox says: it takes place at the Oval Racetrack, hope this helps!
Which part of the country does the ride take place - let me guess London area!!
Caroline - 1st February 2011
Firebox says: It's in Northamptonshire in the Midlands.
Is the experience on a closed racing circuit/track? Indoors/outdoors?
Laura White - 17th January 2011
Firebox says: It's on an outdoor closed racetrack.