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The Double Slanket

Double the Slanket, double the possibilities!

The Double Slanket

Double the Slanket, double the possibilities!

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Unless you’ve spent the last couple of years with your head wrapped in, erm, a blanket, you’ll know all about the Slanket. This gigantic fleece blanket with integrated sleeves has been a smash hit with chilly Fireboxers across the globe, and now it’s available in a double version!

Just like its single sibling, the Double Slanket is soft, light and ludicrously snuggly, only this time it’s even more gargantuan and boasts four sleeves. This means you and a friend can snuggle under its 100% polyester microfibre embrace and still use your hands. Your remote will love you for it. Billy no mates? Not any more!

Swathing yourself in a Double Slanket means you can turn down ludicrously expensive radiators and stay toastie without having to hide under the duvet with legwarmers on your arms. Heating bills? Pah! It’s perfect for romantic evenings in front of the telly. Pass the chocs!

Just think, no more cold arms when you need to reach for the popcorn, wipe away the tears during X Factor sob stories or high five your other half following a hard fought Wii victory. You can even play ‘scissors, paper, stone’ without getting up. Plus you’ll look like a pair of lounging Jedis. Or a pair of layabouts.

Perfect for romantic evenings

Perfect for romantic evenings

Machine washable, the Double Slanket is so comfy it’s liable to completely sabotage your social life. Then again, if you know someone well enough to share a Slanket, your pulling days should be history. Besides, getting off the sofa once you’re enveloped in its fleecy clutches is virtually impossible.

Remember, loafing around with a loved one is where it’s at. But only if it’s nice and warm. So hurry up and get ordering, ‘cos this is gonna be huge. Hands up who loves the Double Slanket!

Double Slanket colours available:

Ruby Wine

Chocolate Brown

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Please note:
  • 100% polyester fleece
  • Non-pilling fabric
  • Machine washable
  • Perfect winter warmer
  • Reduce your expensive heating bills by keeping warm this way
  • Never get cold arms again!
Double Slanket Dimensions:
  • Double Slanket (overall size) - approximately 304.8cm(W) x 241.3cm(L)

Customer Reviews

I bought this after seeing a friend with a single Slanket and got instantly jealous. This has to be the best purchase of the year! It's warm, long and very comfy. It's a generous size so you don't need to worry about stealing your partners Slanket ;0) I love it!
Emily - 31st December 2010
My boyfriend bought us a Slanket for Christmas, and it has been our best buy. We can keep cosy together and be really close. We have even been outside in the Snow in our slanket and snowballed our neighbours. It has brought us closer together (:.
Kirsty - 6th January 2010
This is a fab product, have bought it for me and boyfriend for xmas! got it out to test it and is very snuggly!
Jennie Hiscox - 3rd December 2009
My sofa has never been so comfortable since I purchased the double slanket. I dont really like to say but im a cheap tight skate on my bills and this really has saved me some extra cash. If only they did a family version so we could get the two kids in as well :) p. S I have been known to lose my hand below the slanket if you know what I mean ;).
Chris Gibson - 1st December 2009
OOOOH I want one! My fiance and I are always fighting over my fleecey blanket this would be perfect! I hope santa thinks ive been a good girl this year ;).
Kayleigh - 30th November 2009
A fantastic idea! But you could always double it up and get twice the warmth if you're sailing solo and forgot to pay the heating bill again! You could stash some dough in there and bake some bread, you'd be that toasty!
Brian - 27th November 2009