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EST. 1998
Not For Everyone

MiLi iPhone Power Packs

Slip into something more powerful

MiLi iPhone Power Packs

Slip into something more powerful

Sorry, this product is not available.



Slotting iPhone into the MiLi iPhone Power Pack

Slide in your iPhone (Powerpack)

iPhones rule. End of. Unfortunately all those awesome apps have a habit of sapping the battery. And anyone who worships at the oh-so sleek altar of Apples really can’t be doing with separate batteries and chargers. No, what’s needed is an ultra thin protective case with a built-in battery – and here it is in the shape of the MiLi iPhone Power Packs.

The MiLi is a rechargeable (via USB) external battery concealed inside a svelte protective hard-shell case, and it offers twice, yes twice, the battery life of the iPhone alone – up to 390 hours standby time. Waddya think of them apples!

Crafted in über tough plastic, the snug fitting MiLi has all the trimmings you’d expect to find in a top end charger/case and even some extra gravy in the form of several ingenious features. For starters, clever design means you can sync your iPhone with iTunes and charge it via USB while it's still snuggled up inside the MiLi. Think of it as a power ‘suit’ for your favourite gizmo.

MiLi iPhone Power Packs

MiLi Powerpacks for iPhone 3G/3GS and the new MiLi Powerspring for iPhone 3G/3GS and iPhone 4 (right)

MiLi iPhone Power Packs

Original Powerpack

Talking of gravy, you’d have to be a right pud not to appreciate the value of this gorgeously designed accessory as it’s also capable of charging other USB-friendly devices. Simply plug your gadgets iinto the MiLi’s ‘out’ socket and let its 2000mAh/1200mAh lithium polymer battery do the rest. Flash Harry Bigbuttons can even charge two iPhones at the same time.

Showing the connections and charging LED lights

The USB connections and LED display

The MiLi continues to cut the edge in other areas: an integrated LED displays charge status, while smart jiggery-pokery instructs the iPhone to always drain the MiLi’s battery first, so if you do remove your iPhone its battery won’t be sapped. What’s more, once you plug your MiLi-clad iPhone into a USB socket both gizmos will be charged simultaneously. iSay, iSay, iSay!

If you’re looking for a super smart protective case and a take-anywhere battery for your iPhone, the MiLi is both and more. So c’mon, slip into something more powerful.

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Please Note:
  • iPhone NOT included
Technical specifications:

    MiLi Powerpack for iPhone 2G/3G/3GS
    • 2000mAh battery
    • Not compatible with iPhone 4
    • Standby Time: Up to 390 hours
    • Talk Time: Up to 6.5 hours on 3G, Up to 13.5 hours on 2G
    • Internet Use: Up to 6.5 hours on 3G, Up to 8 hours on Wi-Fi
    • Audio Playback: Up to 31 hours
    • Video Playback: Up to 9 hours
    MiLi Powerspring for iPhone 3G/3GS and iPhone 4
    • 1600mAh battery
    • Input: DC5V/500mA
    • Charging time: 4 hours
    • Standby time: Up to 360 hours
    • Talktime: Up to 6 hours on 3G
    • Internet Use: Up to 6 hours on 3G, 10.6 hours on Wi-Fi
    • Audio play: Up to 26 hours
    • Video play: Up to 8 hours
    • MiLi Powerpack:12.6cm x 6.6cm x 2.3cm
    • MiLi Powerspring: 12.4cm x 6.5cm x 1.8cm

    Works with iPhone

Customer Reviews

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Is there a version coming for the Ipod touch 5th Gen?
Alex, Somerset - 13th October 2012
Firebox says: Hi Alex, I'm afraid we no longer sell the MiLi iPhone Powerpacks on Firebox. I've looked online for you to see if they are being made for iPod touch 5th Generation products but I don't seem to be able to find any websites selling them! Good luck, I hope you find what you're looking for!
Will this work on the iPhone 4S at all? (:.
Dickie, Rotherham - 24th November 2011
Firebox says: Hi Dickie, the iPhone 4 version should work with the 4S as well
I was thinking of buying this for my boyfriend because he always says about his phone needing charged. Only thing is he has a Google phone, would this device be compatible with it?
Nuala Gogarty, Portstewart - 13th October 2011
Firebox says: Hello Nuala! I am afraid the MiLi iPhone Powerpacks are only compatible with iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS.
I was just wondering about the charging. If my iPhone has a flat battery and I connect it to the MiLi do they charge up separately or together.
Paul Ritchie, Scotland - 1st March 2011
Firebox says: Once you plug the USB cable in both the MiLi Powerpack and your iPhone will charge simultaneously!
I have the old iPhone 2g, and was annoyed to find nothing fits it. But this does! Am definitely going to buy, but is there any chance of colour choice?
Barnaby, Newbury - 28th February 2011
Does it work with ipod touch 3rd generation?
Scott, Ireland - 7th February 2011
Firebox says: This is only designed to work with iPhones.
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