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Party Disco Light

Wanna be a rockstar?

Party Disco Light

Wanna be a rockstar?

Sorry, this product is not available.

Sorry! This product is no longer available but the following accessories are still available while stocks last:

Batteries (4x AA) for Party Disco Light

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Gioteck Stage Light
Mention disco lights and most people think of naff mirrorballs, multicoloured dancefloors and men in white flares striking ridiculous poses. And that’s a shame because blindin’ light shows add a whole new dimension to music, especially if you’re rocking out to Guitar Hero, Anton du Beke-ing it round the bedroom, or twisting your melon like it’s 1989. Step forward the Gioteck Stagelight.

Specifically created to inject a bit of high-tech oomph into the whole lights-to-music genre, this powerful little projector uses superbright LEDs and sound-activation technology to beam colourful circles of light on to walls and ceilings. And unlike old-school contraptions it’s battery operated and supremely portable, so you can take it anywhere you fancy. Paaarty!

Gioteck Stage Light
Ideal for all you Guitar Hero/Rock Band obsessives, karaoke loons, Strictly fans and psychedelic inhabitants of the Planet Hendrix, the Gioteck features a glowing touch sensitive on/off button and fully adjustable flash sensitivity dial. This means you can crank up the response speed when you’re thrashing out the Ace of Spades and mellow things out when your chillin’ to I’m a Little Teapot. (Well, you never know).

Gioteck Stage Light
Unlike similar party projector-style gizmos, the Gioteck produces strong, defined circles of light, not wishy washy, hippy trippy blobs. The effect is truly scintillating. Rockers, ravers and game-obsessed pre-shavers will love it. You can even use it to brainwash boring houseguests into getting off their backsides and having a boogie.

Despite its diminutive price tag, this captivating box of tricks is infinitely more impressive than many high-end light chuckers. We guarantee you’ll be mesmerised. So get ordering. Why should ears have all the fun!

more info

  • Powered by 4x AA batteries – not included
  • Measures approximately 20cm (W) x 14cm (H) x 10cm (D)

Customer Reviews

Hi I bought one and I use it a lot. Just one question, Can I use it without batteries?, I mean, just plug in?? Because I see a 9v connect. Thanks a lot.
Javier - 17th January 2011
Firebox says: Unfortunately not Javier, this is the battery operated model.
I'm about to do a dance show, will this work on a small stage and still have the same effect?
Faye - 24th November 2010
Firebox says: It is designed more for home/party use rather than professional use but we think on a fairly small stage it should be ok. You could always test it out and return it to us for a refund within 30 days if it was not suitable :)
I got this the other day and its really good !!!
Mike - 8th December 2009
Talk about value for money! This little toy is completely amazing and loads of fun. The quality of the product is far more than I ever expected. The variation of the response to sound enhances whatever genre of music you enjoy. I can now go "clubbing" without leaving my house! I absolutely love and recommend it!!! 5+ stars!
Linda - 4th November 2009
No preview photos or videos?! It looks/sounds cool but we need to see it in action!
Dave Nattriss - 3rd October 2009
Firebox says: We're waiting for our lovely customers to step up to the plate! (C'mon guys, the £10 vouchers are still on offer!)