Urban DJ Mixer

No decks please, we’re mixing!

Urban DJ Mixer

No decks please, we’re mixing!

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Urban DJ Mixer

Drop the beat

These days everyone thinks they can DJ. And thanks to the brilliant Urban DJ Mixer they can! It might look like an old school cassette finished in suitably 80s Grandmaster Flash gold, but this genius gizmo lets you mix and fade between any combo of iPod, iPhone or CD player on the fly. It’s even compatible with certain mobile phones.

Simply hook up your music players of choice via the included 3.5mm jack cables and wiggle that cross-fader for all you’re worth. There's even a headphone monitor so you can cue up the next tune without missing a beat and do that stupid hand-on-ear thing DJs do when they are pretending that playing records is difficult.

Urban DJ Mixer
Urban DJ Mixer

Click-wheels of steel!

Just think, with this retro-modern baby shoved in your pocket, you and a friend can hook up your playlists and conduct full-on impromptu mix-offs. Plug into exterior speakers and you’ve quite literally got a party in your pocket. Just add guests, booze, lights, smoke machines, a venue and…

Urban DJ Mixer

Inputs and Outputs

Okay, so it’s not exactly a party in your pocket but you get the idea. Besides, it beats lugging around full-on decks and piles of vinyl. No, you won’t look as cool as the current glut of superstar DJs armed with a pair of iPods and a gold-effect gizmo, but if you know your musical onions you’ll soon make Tim Westwood look like some unhip, jive-talking, fifty-something son of a bishop. Hold on…

Whether you’re into techhouse, hardcore or grime, or you just fancy messing about with some (not so) serious Cheeky Girls mash up, the Urban DJ Mixer is just the ticket. All you need to do now is hit the Buy button, slip on your tracksuit and do that daft Randy Jackson hand thing. Booyakasha!

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Urban DJ Mixer

2x AAA Batteries

Battery Requirements:
  • 2x AAA batteries – not included
Technical Specifications:
  • Mac and PC compatible
  • Compatible with iPod, iPhone, MP3 players, laptops, powerbooks, Walkman etc
  • Approximately 10.16cm (L) x 6.35cm (H) x 1.27cm (D)

Customer Reviews

I bought this for a friend and was greatly disappointed. Good concept, but if you push the volume up to half way it becomes distorted. I wouldn't have wasted my money if I knew what it was like, apps for itouch/iphone are much better (and MUCH cheaper). If I had the chance again I'd pay a little bit more and get one that works.
Tom - 3rd April 2011
Firebox says: Sorry to hear that Tom, please feel free to get in touch ( and we can look into it for you.
Can u save the songs u mix?
George - 25th November 2010
Firebox says: If you were to plug the Mixer into a recording device via the Output you could.
At last I've been looking for a handy battery powered crossfader for busking with 2x vestax handy trax record decks. Don't know how well it will last but for the money you cant go wrong. To the streets to make some noise :).
Pete - 2nd September 2010
Would I be able to mix simple songs together for a children's disco. Can I get a lead that will go into a stereo?
Jonathan Bailey - 10th May 2010
Firebox says: You sure can and the lead that comes with the Urban DJ Mixer will go straight into a stereo.
Yo! Absolutely, Tim Westwood is nothing special... I love this and its in sale, but what is power, and monitor out????
Barnaby - 9th January 2010
Firebox says: The 'power' button controls whether or not the tape player is on or off. The 'monitor out' is for your headphones.
Sorry, but isn't this a bit useless unless you can timestretch your tunes on your mp3 player?!
Olly G - 17th October 2009
Firebox says: We don't think so, nope!