NightVision Digital Video Camera

Stop squinting, start filming

NightVision Digital Video Camera

Stop squinting, start filming

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Film at night!

The ability to see in the dark is a gift bestowed upon various animals. But even cats, bats and owls can’t perform miracles like the amazing NightVision Digital Video Camera. As its name suggests, this incredibly cool cam lets you view and record images, both still and moving, in the dark. And when we say dark, we mean completely pitch black.

Ideal for capturing footage of things that go bump in the night – from garden critters and crummy hide-and-seek players to snogging idiots, partying buffoons and campers attempting to defrost their sausages at midnight – the pistol-like Night Vision has 32MB (approx 2 mins) of onboard memory.

LED Lights

LED lights

Serious night owls can upgrade to 2GB (approx 75 mins) via SD card. Quite what you’d want with that amount of storage space is beyond us, but we’re sure you’ll send us your nocturnal videos if we ask nicely. Did we also mention that the NightVision Digital Video Camera works in regular light, automatically switching to night mode the second darkness descends? Well it does, so there.

The buttons
Totally idiot-proof, this trigger operated gizmo lets you preview footage, as it’s happening, on a built-in 2” LCD screen. You can also check out your handiwork in full VGA (640x480) resolution by hooking up to your computer via USB.

The LCD screen and controls

Preview your footage

This whole night vision business is a bit like watching Most Haunted, only you won’t have to listen to Yvette Fielding’s hushed inanities as you sneak around the garden at midnight, film your left foot under the duvet and take stills of some snoring clown who’s crashed out on your sofa. Well that’s what we’ve been using it for.

There’s something unfathomably thrilling and covert about recording events in pitch black conditions. Indeed, If 007 had a camera like this we feel certain he’d use it to film Pussy Galore/Alotta Fagina after dark. Or maybe he’d just use it to film that cute little hedgehog on his patio. Just a shot in the dark.

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Please note:
  • Age 8+
Technical Specifications:
  • 1.3MP Still Image Resolution / 640x480 VGA Video Resolution
  • 2" Colour TFT LCD Screen Display
  • Fixed focus
  • 32MB Internal Memory, SD/MMC Card Slot expandable to 2GB
  • 2 minutes on-board recording time with up to 75 minutes with 2GB SD Card
  • USB, NTSC, PAL Output
Computer Requirements:
  • Windows 2000, XP or Vista
  • 800MHz or faster processor
  • 128MB RAM for WIN 2000; 512MB RAM for WIN XP and WIN Vista
  • 500MB free hard disk space
  • USB Port required
  • Approximately 16.5cm (H) x 12.8cm (W) x 5.1 cm (D)
Battery Requirements:
  • Requires 4x AA batteries - not included
  • 1x Night Vision Digital Video Camera
  • 1x Video editing software CD
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x Quick-Start Guide

Customer Reviews

WOW, I received this today and I am really impressed with it. I am a member of a Paranormal investigation group, and cant wait to try it out this weekend. I have played with it outside in the garden and its brilliant. Totally fool proof, so quick and easy to use. I would recommend this to anybody. Even my 6 year old son has been playing with it and now wants one of his own for Christmas :) Its a fantastic thing and worth every penny, in face I think it is brilliant value for money. If I do manage to catch anything on camera on my next ghost hunting expedition, I will send you the video. Absolutely fab and a highly recommended buy :).
Alisha Williamson - 25th November 2009
Firebox says: That's great! Be sure to send us a video if you do find anything!!
Amazing bit of kit, I run one of the largest ghost hunting companies in the UK, Alone in the dark entertainment a paranormal entertainment company and we have just introduced these cameras in to the teams for the public to use. They do the job extremely well, they are robust and simple to use. Our customers love using them and they look the part. Only down side is there is no zoom in or out and it will eat the batteries but a good set of rechargeable and a good SD card for the extended memory and they work fantastic. The software was easy to install and the stock footage is a bonuses it’s also very easy to work with and good fun. We like these so much we are ordering another 6 per team ;) lets see more like this please. Steve Taylor Managing Director.
Steve - 7th November 2009
Firebox says: Awesome. Any good sightings you can share with us Steve?