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EST. 1998
Not For Everyone


Hot food on the go? Yes we Can.


Hot food on the go? Yes we Can.

Sorry, this product is not available.

  •  Fully-prepared meals in cans, that warm up as if by magic
  •  Totally safe exothermic reactions heat your grub in 12 minutes
  •  Bring the luxury experience of a ready meal to the great outdoors
  •  No hob, no camp fire, no mess-tins and no washing up!


Despite sounding like a chain of dodgy dancing establishments, these amazing 400g tins of tastiness contain fully pre-prepared meals that heat up, as if by magic, when you crack ‘em open. No hob, campfire or washing up liquid required. Perfect.

Simply remove the rubber cap, pierce the holes with the included key, open the insulated can and let the totally safe exothermic reaction heat up your grub in about 12 minutes. We’re not talking haute cuisine but they’re certainly up there with your better quality ready meals. Plus there's no washing up!

When cooked food is this easy to prepare, the only hard bit is deciding which HotCan you fancy: Tortellini, Cheese and Tomato Raviolli, or Rice Pudding. Bon apetit!

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Not Suitable for Vegetarians

Customer Reviews

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Absolutely amazing. Bought one to go with a survival kit and just had to try it got the tortellini one and it was yummy. Hope you get them back so I can stock up :).
Beth, United Kingdom - 17th April 2014
I bought two of these to taste them as my friend Larissa bought the christmas dinner one and said it was charming and even better than her cooking. Decided to give it a go, bought creamy rice pudding and cheese and tomato ravioli. Tried the ravioli, delicious, could use more cheese though as it was very tomatoey so I added grated mature cheddar. It was very nice. The creamy rice pudding, however, was absolutely outstanding and was so nice I have decided to purchase like 20 of them for my cupboards. Delicious, I would love them for eating whenever I feel like and I have one can in each of my bags, especially my work bag.
Alin Fletcher, London - 15th February 2013
Any chance of the veggie chilli being in anytime soon?
Abbey, Bristol - 29th December 2012
Firebox says: Hey Abbey, very sorry but we don't currently know whether we will be getting any more of the veggie chilli in stock at the moment.
I`m going to add this to my list of Must Buys to go into my Survival Kit Bag for the car. Can you please tell me how long the shelf life of this product is please.
Sev Moone, West Totton, Hants - 20th December 2012
Firebox says: Hi Sev! Brilliant news. The current batch have an expiry date of December 2014.
Great little novelty item but you must remember to stir properly or the top will be more tepidly warm than hot, but good fun and good food thats all there is to say.
James, Bristol - 26th October 2012
Firebox says: Nice review James, and thanks for the tip!
I tried the Sausage and Beans. It was easy to follow the heating instructions - pierce the (included) metal tool through the holes and then just leave it. There was quite a bit of smoke and it took about 15mins to heat up but it tasted really nice. There were about 8 sausages in the can so it wasn't all beans.
Alison Chappell, Havant - 16th October 2012