illoom balloons

As light as air

illoom balloons

As light as air

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  •  Light up the party with these glowing balloons
  •  Available in a variety of bright colours
  •  Balloons stay glowing for 15 hours
  •  Easy to activate - just pull the tab


Aren’t balloons just excellent? You can pop them, ping them, boing them on heads, twist them into silly shapes, use them to joosh up parties and even tie a helium-filled bunch to your house and take to the skies. In fact the only bummer is that you can’t see ‘em when it’s dark. And that’s where illoom balloons come in.

As the name (sort of) suggests, these inflatable spheres of fun are balloons that light up. How? Well here’s the clever bit: each balloon contains a minute LED. Simply pull the tab to activate the light, and then blow up the balloon as normal. Brilliant! You can even fill them with helium for fully floating lights.

Ideal for night time soirees, both indoors and outside, illoom balloons will add an enchanting glow to parties, weddings and more. And because each balloon glows for 15 hours you can party like it’s 1999. Or something like that.

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A note about helium:
  • When filled with helium, these 9" illoom balloons will only float at ceiling level for about 5 hours, they'll then start to drop down. Therefore they wouldn't be suitable if preparing a wedding the night before (for example).
Product Features:
  • Light up the party with these glowing balloons
  • Available in a variety of bright colours
  • Pull tab to light the internal LED
  • Once activated each balloon stays lit for 15 hours
  • 15 Balloons per pack, of mixed colours
  • Not suitable for ages 3 and under

Customer Reviews

Is helium suitable to put in them?
Gwenllian - 3rd September 2011
Firebox says: Indeed it is.
Bought these balloons for a party and was very disappointed they only lit up for about 20minutes.
Jean Herbison - 28th May 2011
Firebox says: Sounds like a faulty bunch Jean, drop us an email via and we can look to resolve this for you.
Love these balloons, yellow doesn't glow for long but a blue balloon has been glowing for 2 weeks. Well worth the pennys.
Donna - 29th April 2011
I got some of these for Christmas - set a white one off on Christmas day and it's still glowing now, in February!
Barnaby - 30th January 2011
Firebox says: That's impressive!
I bought some balloons for my brother's birthday. I pulled the tab at night on the 8th November. It is now the 10th of December and my brother popped a balloon. The LED was still glowing. Amazing product.
Elena - 10th December 2010
Firebox says: Great to hear Elena.
The glow is very feeble - you can perceive them in a dark room, but only just. Think glow-in-the-dark stars rather than torch-in-a-balloon.
Richard - 4th December 2010