If bacon came in a jar…


If bacon came in a jar…

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Everything tastes better with bacon on it, in it or next to it. Just ask the nearest lettuce or tomato. With this in mind, a group of slightly unhinged baconologists have created Baconnaise, oinkingly delicious mayo with a mouth-wateringly bacony kick. Think of it as spreadable bacon.

Set to become the gloop of choice in the cut throat world of creamy condiments, this smooth, ludicrously addictive spread is already a smash in the States. Developed to cure (geddit?) bacony cravings, Baconnaise has a distinct, smoky flavour that complements…well, almost anything. Spoon it over salads, burgers, chicken, fish and fries, or use it as a moreish dip. You can even shove it in a lettuce and tomato sandwich for a ‘No BLT’ or eat it straight out of the jar. Mmm…bacon!

Believe it or not, Baconnaise is suitable for vegetarians, especially all you pretend ones who secretly crave the unmistakable taste of shredded piggy flesh without the bacon guilt. It’s also kosher. How come? Well despite its incredibly realistic taste, it doesn’t actually contain any bacon. Amazing!

Speaking of ingredients, Baconnaise is healthier than regular mayo, containing fewer calories and less fat. Not that you’ll be worrying about that when you’re spreading it all over your fried egg sandwiches.

Available in Regular and Lite versions, this ridiculously versatile stuff will have you squealing like a pig in delight the second you get your laughing gear round your first spoonful. You’ll wonder how you ever coped without it.

There’s no point trying to rasher-nalise the appeal of Baconnaise because gourmet foodies will love pigging out on it just as much as greedy bacon fans. Spreadable bacon? What’s not to love? Oink!

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Customer Reviews

THIS IS GREAT STUFF! All the doubters, try it!
Olivia L - 7th November 2014
My boyfriend absolutely loves this! And although I don't like bacon it's a pretty awesome product to buy bacon lovers!
Jessica - 22nd September 2013
Is there a taste difference between the 'Regular' and 'Lite' versions?
Andrew - 9th August 2013
Firebox says: No really Andrew, one is just a little healthier than the other. However I think everyone’s taste is different and I prefer the full fat one.
I like the taste of Baconaise, it goes well with lots of things, like burgers and and chips/fries and dipping pizza crusts in. But it is very salty! You really don't need much of it.
Matthew - 23rd February 2013
My brother and I love this website so much! He saw that I kept looking at the Baconnaise so he bought me some for my birthday and I have to say that it is better than ketchup and better than mayonnaise!!!!!!! The smell isn't as nice as you think it would be but the taste is to die for! GET SOME!!!!
Hannah - 2nd November 2010
Baconnaise is a good product overall, it does have a quite strong flavour it's not what I expected and I found it a tad sickly after a few dunks with my crisps, but if I use it sparingly, it's great! probably take me ages to finish the tub but I would recommend it :D.
Emma - 14th October 2010