Power Plant Growing Machine

Seed it, feed it, leave it

Power Plant Growing Machine

Seed it, feed it, leave it

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Showing the insides of the Power Plant Growing Machine

No soil! Just add water and nutrients

Living in cyberspace means we’re rarely exposed to dirt (no sniggering at the back). In fact we hate the soily, mucky stuff. But that doesn’t affect our ability to grow herbs, flowers and fruit because we use the Power Plant Growing Machine.

A result of pioneering NASA technology (what wasted billions?) this mains-powered box of magic lets you grow plants, all season, without soil. Monty flippin’ Don! It’s ideal for all you garden-less concrete jungle-ites. You’ll be snipping off bits of basil, admiring your pansies and scoffing strawberries before you can say ‘aeroponics’.

Aero-what? Ah yes, aeroponics is the name given to the growing technique utilised by the Power Plant. A nifty internal microjet system constantly sprays roots with super-oxygenated, nutrient rich water so crops grow bigger and stronger. It’s a bit like a mini rainforest minus the bulldozers and Sting. Cool, eh!

Getting started...

Placing seeds in the grow sponge Description Description

Place your seeds into the
grow sponge

Place the card seed cover for a couple of days

Finally place the humidadomes over each group of sprouts

All you do is add water to a special nutrient mix (included) and pour it over the spongy strip that sits below the brim of the Power Plant. Next, sow your seeds on the sponge, replace the lid, stick the whole shebang on the window sill, sit back and dream of Alan Titchmarsh. Mmm…Alan covered in fresh coriander!

The Power Plant Growing Machine on a window sill

I think these herbs are ready!

Where were we? Oh yes, once the shoots appear, maintenance is minimal. This means you can spend more time deciding how best to use those herbs, peppers and berries, and less time worrying if your crops are dead. You can even use the Power Plant to grow flowers. And once you’ve eaten/admired one crop you can re-use this mean green growing machine again and again.

An ideal gift for dirty hand haters and anyone who lives in a garden-free flat, the Power Plant is set to become a kitchen essential for herb lovers (we said no sniggering at the back) and fans of fruit, veg and flowers. And that’s pretty much everyone, isn’t it? ‘Scuse us, Alan’s just brushing off the last of that coriander.

All the bits and pieces...

The contents of the Power Plant Growing Machine

more info

Please note:
  • The Power Plant Growing Machine needs to be powered by the mains at all times during the process, and is only available for delivery in the UK
  • No bugs, no worms, no dirt
  • You can grow any plant indoors all season long
  • Crops are often larger than soil grown plants
  • Very low maintenance gardening
  • Sponges can be re-used once you've harvested the crops
  • Power Plant approximately 20cm (W) x 15.5cm (L) x 7cm (D)
  • Packaging approximately 24cm (W) x 18.5cm (H) x 14.8cm (D)
  • 1x Growing system
  • 1x Nutrient mix
  • 2x Grow sponges
  • 1x Pump
  • 12volt power supply
  • 3x Humidadomes
  • 1x Instruction Booklet

Customer Reviews

Hi the company who make these has started making them again will you stock the item again ? Many thanks Daryll.
Daryll - 19th October 2011
Firebox says: Hi Daryll, thank you for your enquiry. We are actually looking into this at the moment! It was a very popular product. Check back on the site soon. The best way to keep up to date on new products and offers is to join our Facebook group or sign up to our regular newsletter. In the meantime we do have a similar product available, the Click and Grow. Check it out, it may be just what you're looking for.
This product says "not available"; - will you be selling any more - also can we get replacement "nutrients" that come with it?
Toni - 21st December 2010
Firebox says: I'm afraid we don't have plans to be stocking it again soon. Any standard nutrients will work with it, which you can buy from garden and plant centres.
Just a few quick question, how many plants/seeds can you grow/sow at one time? What type of sponges can you use to replace the one that comes with the kit?
Lindsay - 21st November 2010
Firebox says: It depends on the size of the plant, I'm afraid! You can get a sense of the size from the photos. Any large sponge will do the job.
Ordered this item at yesterday at 14:30 and it arrived this morning, thats insane seeing as its coming over seas (last weeks order of the slush cup took same time. Item was very well packaged as usual and free sweets again, thanks. Item took around 2 minutes to set up and get on the window sill. Will be interesting to see how it does as I sowed chillis in a pot 2 days before. Decided to use this to grow some red chillis. If its good I will get another for strawberrys. I dont usual write reviews for firms but the whole shopping, postage and customer service of firebox is the best I have experienced and 95% of my goods come from the net. Shame you don't have a shop in Jersey as I think you would make millions.
Ross - 26th August 2010
Got given one for my birthday and was getting some really nice chilli plants going but the motor seems to have blown so now the plants are dying. Probably best to just stick to a pot of soil...gutted :(.
Emma - 17th August 2010
Firebox says: Your product has a years warranty. Please contact us on with your details and we'll be in touch!
I acknowledge this is a very reliable product, however I am aware that the company that supply these also make a larger version, the 'pro' version. Will these be available on firebox in the future?
Josh - 14th August 2010
Firebox says: Behind the scenes negotiations have taken place between us and the suppliers but at the moment we don't have a confirmed due date. As soon as we know more it'll be posted on the product page.