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Cupcake Kit

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Good looking, sweet and wholesome. We all love Nigella Lawson. And we also love one of the delicious treats that she’s always on about: the mighty cupcake. No longer is the cupcake the dry and dusty long-life confection of old: it’s been reborn into an iced wonder-sponge with a world of flavoursome possibilities. Now you can tap into the trend that’s as easy on the tum as it is the eye, with a brilliant new kit that gets your baking your own fancy treats in a trice.

There’s a world of occasions that call for a good cupcake. Afternoon teas, weddings, birthdays, a treat for your workmates - at times, even breakfast. Or is that just us? We even suspect that international political summits would benefit from the provision of a good cupcake too. But how do you master this alchemical art? How do make cake as good as grandma, without having to grow a light beard and wear lavender oil?

Here’s how: the Cupcake Kit. It comes with all you need to get the oven set to 180 and get baking immediately: 14 recipes for every mouth-watering style you could think of, 250 cute cupcake liners that will have your admirers cooing, even a pastry bag and piping nozzles to create one-off effects in your icing that would make a sculptor wheeze with envy.

Whether you’re whipping up a batch of blueberry, creating a cacophony of coffee and toffee, or fluttering through the chocolate butterfly versions, you’re guaranteed to please anyone with a set of taste buds and a hankering for top cupcake action. There’s never been a better way to win round people – forget management training and self-help: now is the time of the cupcake.

So be the first on the block to whack choca-mocha-pecan-sprinkles in a cupcake – get hold of this kit and you’ll be wondering why anyone bothers buying in their cakes at all!

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  • 1x recipe booklet with 14 yummy recipies
  • 1x reusable pastrybag
  • 5x piping tips
  • 250x decorative cup liners
  • Box measures approximately: 15cm (W) x 20.5cm (H) x 8cm (D)

Customer Reviews

This was my first cupcake kit and is such great value for money. Anyone contemplating to buy this, dont think twice and go for it. I still have some of the cases left, the mini ones are a very good size that you cant find elsewere, they are much smaller in shops. Some good recipes to try in the book too!
Seema Mistry - 27th July 2012
I was wanting to buy this for my other half, but would like to buy all the required ingredients to go with it. Could you give me a list of ingredients to buy? Would be much appreciated.
Mark - 7th November 2011
Firebox says: It depends which recipe you're using Mark. The kit itself comes with a book that includes 14 d different recipe's. For the basics you will need ehhs, self raising flour, butter or margarine and caster sugar. Hope this helps and happy baking!
Are the recipes American?
Jade - 10th March 2011
Firebox says: Yes they are - but don't let that put you off. They are very easy to follow and you might find the tips from Jen in London useful.
Brilliant kit! looks so lovely that am having problems wrapping it up for crimbo! had a lovely surpise in the packet for me too! thanks for the sweets!
Patricia - 21st October 2010
Bought this for a friends birthday pressie and they loved it! Big bake off this Saturday, a gift that gives back! brilliant and so cute!
Louise - 22nd September 2010
Can't wait to get my cupcake kit going to use it for making my wedding favours.
Jane - 15th April 2010